Andy – Reviews the Future of Chiropractic for neck and back pain

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Leduc chiropractor

Leduc chiropractor

By Andy ‘the Sceptic’ Steel

Andy here, and today I met with Dr Kelly Polzin, a leduc Chiropractor, who claims that the chiropractic profession is about to change!  The future of Chiropractic is to use technology in the assessment as well as in the treatment of patients who experience low back pain and neck pain.  The effective use of traditional chiropractic care in the treatment of low back and neck pain has been well documented and established.  However, many people still are reluctant to go to a chiropractor for relief and will instead resort to other ways to get pain relief that are not as effective and in many cases have adverse side effects.

These days people are looking for a safe, effective way to live active and healthy lives that do not include getting addicted to pain killers and or a life time of medications.  Dr. Kelly Polzin, a leduc chiropractor, says” the change in chiropractic is about helping people get the maximum amount of relief with the least amount of stress or trauma emotionally and or physically.  That is exactly what we do at divine spine!  The Chiropractor uses technology, a computerized wand, to assess and then use the same wand to treat the patient.  The patient is sitting upright in a chair, like the ones that people have seen used in the airport massage businesses, so the spine is fully exposed and the patient is fully relaxed.  The patient then experiences a gentle oscillating force at specific spinal segments, depending on the condition of the patient.  Most commonly the chiropractor will treat the entire spine but if the patient is only there for back pain and requests only that condition be treated then only the low back will be addressed. ”

Patients often ask “if the adjustment is comfortable, then how can it be effective?”  Dr. Kelly Polzin, responds “in the average chiropractic treatment a patient would generally receive any where between 1-20 adjustments, using this computerized technology the average patient receives between 800 and 1200 adjustments.  Therefore, we can use much less force to get excellent results for our patients!”

When asked what conditions this treatment is the most effective for this chiropractor states “we have successfully treated headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel, hip and knee pain, mid back pain and are very effective at upper and lower cross syndromes.”

So now for the big test…how does it work for me?  A little history first, I’m not a fan of chiropractors, I have had some experiences before that where less than pleasant.  However, I have always liked the philosophy of this group…doctors trained in helping the body heal itself.  Sounds pretty good to me, but the old treatments where scary and sometimes painful.  So I was very interested in trying this modern style of chiropractic. I tried it, and here is what I found.  It was one of the nicest adjustments that I had ever received, not only did it NOT hurt but the headache that I had going into this treatment with was completely gone by the time the treatment was done.   So from the sounds of things this new chiropractic treatment is the best of both worlds, it is comfortable, it is easy and it is basically preformed by a computer!