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Winter Travel United States vs Mexico – US

Winter travel, United States vs Mexico

Mexico, best known to the vacationers, for its low prices, beautiful beaches, and resort quality hotels! What a wonderful place to visit especially in the winter. If you live in the snow country of the beautiful United States of America and would rather lie on a sun drenched beach, sipping something with a little umbrella in it, than digging your car out of the snow that fell last night it is quite the dream vacation!

Now if you want a winter vacation, consider your choices in the United States. Do you love your winter sports, maybe mountain climbing, boating, resorts, shopping, gold country, mining, rivers, canyons, I’m sure you get the picture. United States has it all and except for maybe the snow, you can find it in America any time of the year. Three sides of this country are surrounded in wonderful beaches and in the winter you can pick whatever type of climate you enjoy. America has grand mountain ranges, vast deserts, beautiful lakes, and wonderful cities covering this beautiful nation.

What kind of city vacation would you choose? The diversity in America is fantastic! There are just too many number ones in America! New York at Christmas time, if that’s a little to cold how about San Francisco, still to cold, New Orleans, Huston, Las Vegas, Atlantic City? Gosh how I could go on and on. Now I live in a little city in the mountains, we have a population of less than 900, but I’m not going to tell you were it is! Those of you that have found us return every spring and summer saying this is your favorite place and I guess it’s so because you come back every year bringing more friends.

The diversity in the states is pretty amazing as well. In California you can go to the mountains for a ski vacation, the southern beaches for some fun in the sun, or the northern beaches for a cooler spot, and then of course there’s always Hollywood. Florida is just as diverse, the resorts are amazing, the swamps are wonderful, the beaches are great, and everything is just so tropical. Hey you winter sports enthusiasts, Colorado, need I say more! All you surfers out there that want a great wave try Hawaii!

Now I’ve been to Mexico, and I did have a wonderful time. I do love the exoticness (is that a word?) of it. When I was shopping I truly felt I was getting such great deals! However my travels in the United States have been just as wonderful, and I truly believe I have so many more choices in America all year round.