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Winter Travel Essentials

Winter can be a treacherous time of year, especially for traveling. Some incidences have occurred in the past where people have tragically lost their lives and if this can be avoided, it is good to know what to do. The following article will give an idea for winter travel essentials that everyone should have with them at all times during travel.

1) A blanket! Obviously, the winter can be cold and near deadly depending on where you are and a blanket may not seem like a lifesaver, but it sure does help if you are stranded somewhere without heat. The blanket needs to be big enough to cover your whole body and thick enough that it will do the job.

2) Charger for your cell phone! Make sure at all times when traveling that you have a cell phone charger with you in case your phone dies. A charger for the car would be the best case scenario because you may not always have an electrical outlet nearby to plug your phone into. A big winter travel essential is your phone charger! Make sure you have one for the phone and one for the car!

3) A flashlight! Flashlights are great to see your way around in case of a breakdown. Many times, a problem can be fixed with a flashlight and the next steps won’t ever need to be taken. Looking for something in the pitch, black dark can be frustrating when your ears are freezing. Carry a flashlight with you!

4) Change of clothes! Having a change of clothes in case the clothes that you are wearing get wet can save a potential case of hypothermia. Carrying a duffel bag with clothes in it makes for a good winter travel essential Two pairs of socks, and undergarments would be wise to add to the bag.

5) An extra tire or spare! Many cars have a spare tire in the trunk, but it would be a good idea to double-check this before you travel and make sure it is in good condition.

The winter is courteous to no man, especially the man whom is unprepared. Taking a few extra minutes before walking out the door to make sure you have everything is an essential to traveling in the winter and could potentially save your life.