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Why you should Buy Travel Insurance

I worked in insurance for four years and that’s long enough to get a fairly comprehensive view of the good and bad side of insurance. Do I still buy travel insurance? You bet I do. The biggest reason I have heard for not paying for insurance is that you will pay out a lot more in premiums than you will ever get back. Well, I hope so because hopefully that means you’ll never have anything happen to you which forces you to make a claim. We all like to hope for the best and most of us will never face a bad incident when abroad. Unfortunately, we’re not all so lucky.

It’s easy to overlook travel insurance when you’re booking your holiday. After all, you’ve forked out for the tickets, spending money, new clothes. Why not save 50 or so on insurance? It is true that the majority of incidents abroad will hopefully be easily resolved, although they will certainly be inconvenient. A lost passport, wallet, suitcase – all of these things could spoil a holiday and – if you’re not insured – leave you out of pocket. But even so you would get over the loss of 300 or your nice clothes/MP3 player/mobile etc. However, what if you find yourself ill, in need surgery and/or aftercare, accommodation and medication that could cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds? These things can and do happen. You hope for the best, prepare for the worst and you absolutely purchase travel insurance.

If you are still not convinced, consider some of the benefits of travel insurance. Worldwide annual policies are now very affordable and will cover you for a number of trips. You can get them for couples or for families for a further discount. As well as covering for things such as illness or injury abroad, many policies cover you for eventualities such as you or a member of your family becoming ill before you travel. Insurers often offer different levels of cover, making it easier to choose a suitable one for your trip.

If you’re still wavering, I can only say one more thing: every time you park your car in a paid car park, do you leave it without a ticket? After all, the only thing you are paying for if you buy a ticket is insurance against the traffic warden coming round. They might not do their rounds that day or not during the hour you are parked there. Isn’t it money for old rope? No? No. It’s peace of mind because you know that when you put your ticket in the window, you’re protected. You could risk being clamped or getting a parking ticket but paying for an hour of parking is much cheaper. Well, travel insurance is the same. You could risk being stranded in a country thousands of miles from home, having to fork out for doctors bills, hotels, new flights – but isn’t in so much cheaper just to pay for your policy. And if you never need it to use it? Well, good for you!