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Whitsundays from a Locals Point of View

I’m one lucky bloke. My home town is The Whitsundays Australia. For those of you that haven’t heard of this place it is on the north Queensland coast around 1000km’s north of Brisbane and around 600km’s south of Cairns.

The maninland village is Airlie Beach and the views from Airlie are unrivalled as it looks over the 74 magnificent islands that make up The Whitsunday group. They are a short boat ride from Airlie and are a national treasure. Among those 74 islands are 9 island resorts including Hayman and Hamilton Islands. There are days when you look towards the islands and you’d swear they are floating on a big aqua marine pillow, they are stunning.

On the natural side of things these islands are home to all types of fishlife and marine creatures like dugongs (similar to manatees) manta ray and some of the most amazing coral formations in the world. The world famous Whitehaven Beach is here and just on the other side of the islands is the Great Barrier Reef in all of its glory. During the winter Humpback whales make their way up the eastern coast of Australia to calve in our waters, what splendid creatures they are.

My favorite islands don’t have resorts on them. Islands like Whitsunday Island where you’ll find Whitehaven Beach, Planton Island a small island with excellent coral on it and Henning which has a great sandy beach.

My kids have had the great fortune to grow up amongst these islands and know them very well. They have found caves and formations and enjoy the adventure that is on offer. I’m sure they think everyone in the world has the GBR on their front door step, if only it were true.

I have spent years operating tours and watersports ventures around this magical place. I have taught people to sail, snorkel and scuba dive and it is a great feeling to see people experience their thrill of a lifetime and know you had a little to do with it.

We are in the bush. 10 minutes out of Airlie and you’re in sugar cane country which is a huge industry in this part of the world. Our creeks have big salt water crocs so swimming in them is out. We do have a few different sort of snake species here as well but like the crocs we have a good arrangement. I don’t swim in their creeks and they don’t visit my house.

It is all about respect and allowing the enviroment to operate as it should with a minimum of interference. We have to realise we don’t own the enviroment we are part of it and work within it’s limits.

I couldn’t live anywhere else, I have been spoilt. I am truly living in God’s country how else could it be explained. If you ever want to visit the nicest place in Australia this is it and the people are great as well. Honest, down to earth and fair dinkum. Is it any wonder that I wouldn’t be dead for quids, what a wonderful world.