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Which is Harder getting Ready for a Vacation or Returning Home afterwards – After

Coming home from vacation and preparing for the return to daily life is much harder than preparing to leave for vacation. Lugging suitcases, tennis rackets, and golf clubs etc: from the car and putting them away after two weeks of outdoor activities that we haven’t done since last vacation, usually finds us dragging in the door too tired to speak, let alone do the mile high pile of dirty clothes we brought back.

There are a few reasons that getting ready for a vacation is easier than returning home. The excitement of going on vacation boost your energy for packing. The unpacking lacks this catalyst.

Another reason getting ready is easier is because you have weeks, even months to prepare. However, you are usually gone a few weeks and must get yourself in the proper frame of mind for returning to work and daily routine in just a day or two, which can be much more complicated than getting ready for relaxation.

The excitement that makes us want to hurry and pack also causes us to throw ourselves into swimming, tennis, hiking, not to mention overeating (because “we’re on vacation and we deserve it.) This can lead to exhaustion which we may not be able to overcome in time for our return.

I (being a logical person) know how to prevent this from happening, and even though I never follow my own advice, here are my suggestions to help you transition back into the work-a-day world.

When on vacation, try not to go crazy and eat everything in sight just because you deserve it, because, you don’t deserve to feel sluggish, tired and to spend half your precious vacation days sleeping off a huge meal. Eat your favorite foods, but in moderation. You’ll have more energy for fun.

It’s good to get physical activity and to enjoy the restorative power of the outdoors on your vacation. But, if you don’t exercise regularly at home, you can easily over do it. A muscle injury can ruin a vacation, and throwing yourself into physical activities that you are unused to can make your body too tired to recuperate fully in time for your return home.

If at all possible find a way to do some laundry about half-way through your vacation so that you will not have such a huge task awaiting you upon your return. Just having an extra day’s clean clothes will reduce the urgency to do laundry as soon as you step in your door.

It is a good idea to return home two days before returning to work so that you will have a day to adjust and rest up from traveling, and from any physical activities you engaged in.