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What can you pack in a carry-on bag

Forego the checked luggage area on your next holiday trip. The way to do so is by following the carry-on directives created by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Not only will you get through security at the airport in a breeze, you won´t be wasting time at long holiday lines at the luggage counter. The TSA constantly makes revisions to their policies, so always remain up to date by checking their website for travel details.

Although some of their rulings for carry-on luggage may seem burdensome to you, these policies are there for the general public’s safety against potential threats to fellow passengers and flights.

Make it light

Make it light as carry-on luggage cannot go beyond the maximum weight of forty pounds. There is a good reason for this weight limit. Anything exceeding this is just too heavy for the overhead compartment. Besides, do you really want have to hand carry that much weight? Of course, knowing the size of your carry-on luggage is mandatory; otherwise if it surpasses the size limit of 45 inches (Length + Width + Height), you will be required to check your bag.

3-1-1 governs

It is thoughtful to present a bottle of wine to your hosts for a holiday dinner but it is a “no can do” in carry-on luggage. There is an exception though and you can still bring a nice bottle of “vino” to the turkey dinner table when purchased at the duty free shop after you pass the security check. In fact any liquids, including toiletries, perfumes and liquors can be purchased after your pass through those scanners and security gates.

If you need to bring a liquid or gel from home, this is where the 3-1-1 rules go into effect. You may place your personal liquid or gel into one small container. The liquid or gel must be 3 ounces or less in each container. All containers are to be placed into a clear plastic 1 quart zip-top bag. Place the bag into the plastic provided by security and put the tray through the x-ray scanner.

Prohibited items

Bringing a baseball bat as a gift for your nephew on board a flight as carry-on is taboo. A general rule of thumb to know what is restricted from the cabin, is that is it can do physical harm, it is not allowed.

Items that generate potential harm and those items that are dangerous are restricted from the cabin. Sharp objects, flammable items, matches, sporting equipment and tools are some of the items prohibited. However, certain objects that are prohibited as carry-on may be allowed as checked baggage. Each airline carrier has established their own set of regulations regarding checked luggage policies. Contact them prior to packing to see if the item in question is acceptable as checked luggage.

Certain items such as prescription cough medicine, insulin or even baby formula can be greater than three ounce rule. Contact the TSA representative at the security check.

Besides bringing on board packed carry-on, you are allowed one additional personal item. This can be a handbag, laptop computer, umbrella or a coat.

Pack well, and you won´t need to wait at the luggage carousel ever again on a holiday venture.