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Walt Disney World Character Meetings

There are many “must do” things when going to the Walt Disney World Resort. A number one on most people’s “must do” list at the parks is to get photographs and autographs with the characters. The characters to many young kids, and kids at heart, are one of the best things at the resort. The characters are what people grow up with and they make the magic for most people. The main questions for these people, is where do I find the characters? Well, the answer is, in a number of places.

The first great place to find characters is in the parks themselves. At Magic Kingdom you can find characters as soon as you enter the park before you enter onto Main Street USA. Also now Mickey Mouse and Disney Princesses are located in Town Square Theater to the right of the park as soon as you enter Magic Kingdom. Other than these two specific places, you will find characters all over the rest of the park located in spontaneous places. There will also be meet and greet areas set up for characters from newly released movies. Right now Winnie the Pooh has a meet and greet near the Winnie the Pooh ride.

Another great park to meet the characters in is Epcot. At Epcot there is a place called the character spot and you can meet numerous characters at once. The only problem with the character spot is that their can be some long lines. Other than this spot in Epcot the characters can be seen around the park in different places. This is also true for Disney’s Hollywood Studios park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, many characters will be stationed randomly around the parks.

The final way to meet characters, is a favorite of many people, it is eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the characters. Many full service restaurants offer a breakfast, lunch, and or dinner meet and greet with the characters. In some of the restaurants you can get unique photographs because the characters will be in themed costumes based on the restaurant theme. These dining experiences are truly magical and one of a kind and can make for a great meet and greet character experience.

The next time you and your family visit the Walt Disney World Resort, use some of these tips and see as many characters as you can. The characters can make a vacation truly magical and the photographs that you take will make the memories last a lifetime.