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Visit St Ives

A trip to the coastal town of St Ives shows visitors the quaint and picturesque qualities of Britain. This stunning section of Cornwall is a popular tourist destination and with good reason, the scenery, atmosphere and local attractions are enough to make any visitor eager to return to this peaceful and beautiful community.

St. Ives is situated close to Land’s End, the most westerly point of Britain. Just a short drive from St Ives, Land’s End is alive with scenic cafes and gift shops. Tourists who visit this western point will have optimal photo opportunities as well as the chance to relax with a delicious cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee while taking in the stunning scenery.

St Ives is also surrounded by beautiful beaches. While the temperature doesn’t reach as high and it’s southern European counterparts, the beaches of St Ives still offer relaxation and peace as you dig your toes into the sand for the day. The breeze off the water and the sun’s rays will help keep your mind of anything else but your vacation.

Nature lovers visiting St Ives will love both the Paradise Park and Eden Project. Paradise Park is St Ives’ local conservation park and home to local species of birds, otters and other wildlife. It is also home to the “World Parrot Trust” and is committed to preserving wildlife.

Eden Project is home to the world’s largest greenhouse. This educational facility is dedicated to creating and exploring green environments and simulating growth of unique climates. Eden Project consists of two biomes, one simulating a complex rainforest and the other houses exotic fruit and flowers found in Mediterranean climates. This valuable green education centre is highly regarded world-wide.

St Ives is situated inside the region of Cornwall and bordered by other picturesque Cornish towns. To get a wider taste of Cornwall, consider instead finding accommodations in another Cornish town and touring the St Ives area during the day. Camborne is one of the larger nearby towns, and Camborne hotels are easily accessible from St Ives and its surrounding areas. A larger town will likely have wider variety of accommodation choices as well as restaurants and shops, while still allowing you to get a full understanding of the seaside charm of St Ives.

St Ives’s charm and peaceful way of life is ideal for a quiet seaside retreat.