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Visit Amsterdam

It’s not just sex, drugs and bicycles that Amsterdam is famous for. It is rich in culture and architecture and is a tourist’s delight. The Netherlands boasts of more museums per square foot of area than any other country in the world now, that’s something you didn’t know.
Amsterdam is actually a quiet but interesting place. The narrow streets with cobbled stones are busied with bicycles and the occasional car movement. One must take a walk through these alleys to experience Amsterdam in its whole.

Dam Square

Dam Square is the heart of the town and is located on the site of the original Amstel dam. The main attraction point on the Square is the Royal Palace.


The famous Rijksmuseum is home to some of the most splendid works of art. The most notable pieces here are that by Rembrandt the works of Frans Hals and Vermeer. Beautiful illustrations of porcelain dolls & dolls’ houses are also seen.
Van Gogh Museum
Another perfect destination for fine art is displayed at the Van Gogh Museum. Housing many of Van Gogh’s best works, the Van Gogh Museum is home to the largest collection of his work in the world.

Amsterdam through its unique nature is very likely to storm, excite and fascinate its visitors. Its multi-ethnic atmosphere, the perfect balance of open spaces and urbanization is something that has to be seen to be believed.
Getting There
Amsterdam is actually accessible by air, by bus or by train, depending on your exact location.

By Air:
Note that when you choose to fly to Amsterdam, the flights usually arrive in the Schiphol Airport, which is approximately 18 km away, southwest of the city centre. From the Schiphol airport, the trains leave for Central Station every 20 minutes. From the Central Station one could take a taxi to reach the city centre.
When you choose to fly to Amsterdam it is good to know that some budget airlines are starting to fly to Rotterdam Airport, which is approximately one hour from the city by bus.

By Train:
Trains arrive at the Central Station which is close to the City Centre.
By Bus:
The buses arriving and leaving from the city of Amsterdam come from Amstel Station. This station is actually linked to Central Station by a Metro system. Buses leaving for London, Brussels, and Amsterdam’s other cities depart from the Amstel Station.
Getting Around
On your Amsterdam travel, note that you can stroll around the city on foot, by bike, by tram, or by bus or metro, as these are the usual modes of transportation around the city. Actually, the central highlights of the city are just easy to get around. Apart from the Red Light District and Dam Square, most of what there is to see is a short tram or bike ride away.
We will let you in on a secret: the best way to see the entire city of Amsterdam is to travel by bike. There are more than 500,000 bikes in the city. One may hire a bike for about 7 per day. The most important thing to remember is to lock your bike, as bike theft is a huge problem in Amsterdam.