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Vacation Work Suitcase Ease Lives Memories Desk Leisure

Vacation is over and now we are back into the reality and the everyday routine. Easing back into reality after vacation can be depressing. Especially if your vacation was full of fun, nice weather and relaxation. I just got back from vacation myself and I find it difficult to ease back into my usual routine. Especially, since I had to come back to a very cold Midwest winter after spending a week in sunny Florida. This time though, I thought I’d take it easy when I got back. I have tried different approaches in the past, and there aren’t any good ways to ease back into reality. Vacations are fun and we all wished that our lives were full of them, but are not.

While I was working full time, my coworkers and my boss were allways taking it easy on me, on my first day back. They let me catch up with the work that was piled up at my desk, while, of course, everyone wanted to hear about my vacation. The second day, would be a bit less sociable and more work related. By the third day I would have more work piled on my desk and before my first week was over, well, I was back into reality. It didn’t even feel that I had gone on vacation, let alone come back from one.

Now that I am home, easing back into the reality and the routine of every day life after being gone on vacation, it is also not that easy. Since I have more time on my hands, I tend to think of my vacation more often and feel depressed that it’s over. So this time, I decided to take it easy the first few days. No one was after me to finish things. I unpacked my suitcase at my leisure, washed and iron the clothes, and gradually got back into my daily routine, which took me over a week.

Having tried both ways, I think it’s best, if when coming back from vacation you fall right into work. It’s easier to adjust to your daily routine, if you don’t think of the good times you had while you were vacationing. It’s better to just pick up where you left off, and start planning your next one. This way, you don’t get depressed that you are back, either, to the miserable cold weather or to the miserable job (if it’s a bad job) that you have. By adjusting right away, there is no time to think of where you were last week at that specific day and time. You are too busy to think of anything else but at the work at hand. There will be moments that your mind will wonder off and think of the warm sun or you will have a flash back of where you were last week at the same time, but trust me, it won’t last long. As soon as someone comes by your desk, either you are working, or you are at home and the phone rings, you will come back to reality at no time. But that’s what vacations are for. So that we can remember them, rejuvenate our lives, and happily go on and plan our next one.