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Vacation is about Excitement – Excite

A vacation is supposed to revitalize you, but the way people revitalize themselves is always different. Although for some it is to quietly nap at a beach, enjoy the birds chirping and the leaves rustling, to me, it is by getting out of my life’s pattern and scenery. It is not that I do not enjoy the nature or the peace, but that by going to a vacation, I expect a jolt and a wake-up call telling me “Live!” instead of a drowsy voice whispering non-stop “Sleep… sleep…”

When I go on vacation, I expect to see new things and do fun and exciting things. If I go to another city, then I’ll want to see and visit all the hottest places, from historical monuments or buildings, to most popular and unique stores, restaurants and attractions. I will want to walk around the night places or the downtown, mingle in with the people and do the things that I would not be able to do in my city. If I go to the beach, then I’ll want to jump in the water with my friends or girlfriend and splash and have fun. Rent a sailing boat and speed through the wind or get a motorboat and water-ski. If I go to a mountain resort, then I’ll want to hike to the summit, climb trees and rocks, and make bonfires and just dance and let loose late at night. And if I am visiting my in-laws or family, then sitting by the fireplace, at the dinner table all night or on a porch, talking quietly whilst rocking back and forth is the last thing I would want. I would sit very restlessly the whole time and at the first sign of them going to sleep, I would flee. I would want them to show me the places they enjoy that I haven’t visited yet, the activities they like that I haven’t tried yet, the things they have done that would be a new and fun experiment to me. On a vacation, I want to put away all the responsibilities I’ve gotten as an adult and just let the kid in me discover a new and exciting world and just be at it until I am ready to pass out on my girlfriend’s shoulder and my body can no longer take another moment of standing up.

While I completely understand the importance for one to rest properly and let the body recover physically, to me, the weekend is more than enough to get the proper amount of sleep and physical rest. On a vacation, I expect my mind to be refreshed and ready to get back to my life with optimism and mental energy. And for me, that can only be achieved by sending it a jolt of something excitement and something new. To rush that excitement in for as long as I can until my body cannot take it physically anymore. And once I return, I would still have several weeks, if not months, of my mind digesting it all and remain excited after the return. However, when I do return from a vacation, I expect my body to be a lot more tired physically than before I left. That is why I always make sure that when I comeback from a vacation, I have several free days (a minimum of 3) to let my body rest properly after the trip.

To me, a vacation is a way for my mind to rediscover the world I live in and give me a mental boost to love the world I live in and to look forward to accomplishing all of my responsibilities so that I could further enjoy this world!