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Unique Summer Travel Tips

There is certainly nothing unique about the desire to get away from it all for anywhere from a few days to several weeks. For many people, the summer season is the perfect time to set aside their day to day responsibilities and enjoy the eye-opening and mind-expanding world of travel. Distances near or far can offer the opportunity for new experiences and different points of view. Before you set out on your next journey, consider a few options to spice up your trip:

1) Add a new traveling companion to your trip. If you travel with your spouse, consider sharing the trip with another couple. If your vacations are family outings, take your Aunt Matilda or Uncle Fred along for a change. Different people have different outlooks on the world Expand your horizons by looking at your travel destination through another set of eyes.

2) Step out of your rut and choose a vacation option you’ve never experienced before. Are you used to five star hotels for your vacation comfort? Consider a camping vacation or rent an RV. Do you always go to the beach every summer? Book a cabin in the mountains and commune with a different form of nature. Who knows what these new experiences may do to your view of the world.

3) Plan for an extra side trip at the beginning or at the end of your vacation. Check out the area within a fifty to one hundred mile radius of your destination and take time out to explore a little further afield from your usual stomping grounds. A new adventure could be a stone’s throw away and you’d never know it if you didn’t explore.

4) Plan a trip to the location of your dreams. Have you always wants to site-see in Paris? Go on safari in the Serengeti? Ski in the Swiss Alps? Canoe down the Amazon? While these dream vacations may be cost prohibitive in the short term, they are fodder for the mind. Plan, start saving and study travel guides and history books about that dream locale. Someday, when the time is right and your hard efforts have paid off, you may be able to realize your dream.

The whole purpose of summer travel is to escape from your usual rut. Don’t let your vacation time turn into another version of a rut in your life. Strive to add spice and interest to every summer vacation and all of your travel time will be unique.