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Unique hotel in Garmisch Partenkirchen

Forsthaus Graseck is a unique hotel located on the outskirts of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. While the hotel rooms themselves are basically average, the location is stunning and worth a visit.

Rooms: The hotel offers a wide variety of room types, everything from private rooms with a balcony to six-bunk rooms with a bathroom on the hall aimed at mountain hikers. The rooms themselves are comfortably furnished, although they don’t look all that fancy. The beds vary from hard to soft depending on the mattress. Double beds consist of two mattresses on a single bed frame.

One of the better deals available is booking an “apartment” with multiple rooms when traveling with a small group. The “apartment” actually consists of one end room with awesome mountain views that has its own sitting area, shower, toilet and TV. The connecting doors to the next room (which normally has to use the bathroom on the hall) are then opened, creating a two-bedroom apartment. Be sure to email and ask for their price list, as it is more comprehensive than what is posted on their website.

Amenities: The hotel’s remote location overlooking the Partnach Gorge means that there are fantastic views from the hotel and hiking trails that run through the surrounding mountains. The hotel also offers a variety of spa & wellness programs for an additional fee. There is a restaurant where you can get food to go, but no room service. Upon arrival, you will receive a discount card good for area attractions such as the Partnach Gorge and the ski stadium. There is always a front desk clerk on duty who speaks English very well.

Restaurant: The on-site restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional German-Austrian foods at a fairly reasonable price. The waiters may or may not speak much English, but they have a bilingual menu and are friendly and helpful. Breakfast is always included with the hotel stay and features a large spread of rolls, jams, meat & cheese, hard boiled eggs, cereal, juice and hot beverages. Guests can also opt in to a half-board or full-board plan that offers decent value if you know you will eat in the restaurant anyway.

Getting there: The only way to get to the Forsthaus Graseck is via cable car. The cost of riding the cable car is included in the cost of lodging. The cable car runs every few minutes on demand. To get to the cable car, go to the Olympic Ski Stadium and follow a small road to the right (follow signs for the Partnachklamm). There are two lots for guests of the Forsthaus Graseck to park; when you see the first one, keep driving and see if there is room in the closer one to park.

As it is on the outskirts of town, the Forsthaus Graseck is not the best place for people to stay who are interested in the main sights in town. However, if you are looking for natural beauty, exploing the Partnach Gorge, or starting a hiking trip, it is a great place to stay.