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Two is better than one

Summer is a time to love. The sun shines at its best, school is out, shaved ice is for sale, the water feels warmer, and vacations are planned. What’s not to love? ‘Tis the season where many feel free, for they have more freedom and time to enjoy daily life. Even if one’s work schedule remains the same, the days are greater, as the sun shines longer, providing an increased amount of daylight to enjoy. Nights are also extra wonderful, as they are all the more romantic. At night, the air can be comfortably warm. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to embrace the little cicada bugs, as they instill a spirit of unity between civilization and nature; we are all breathing in the world.

It’s no wonder that such a romantic season is often times the season of love. Many people meet on vacation or during the summertime. Meeting someone during this lovely time of the year is always thrilling and exciting. It can even feel magical. On the other hand, it can be twice as exciting for those who already have established relationships. The couples who approach the summer, together, are lucky because they’re able to plan an exciting summer vacation.

Congratulations to the couples who are able to plan a summer vacation. Although it may seem comical, please consider yourself lucky to be in the position that you are. This is a moment to embrace because it is often true that, “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” Therefore, take the opportunity that you have at this very moment and love it. Furthermore, have fun planning the entire ordeal, together. It may be somewhat of a doozy, but in the end, you’ll probably look back upon the moment and see it as a beautiful thing (even if it’s when you’re eighty years old).

The vacation destination is dependent upon: the couple’s combined interests; the amount of money each has to spend; and, the time they can afford to leave from work, summer school, or any other responsibility. If you’re an outdoorsy couple, you may enjoy camping or a trip to see the Grand Canyon. Basically, anything beautiful in which the couple has not seen is a great idea. On the contrary, those who dislike porta-potties and tents should seek to find some great hotels at destinations with enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities.

Aside from the obvious, there are various destinations that I would highly recommend due to the experience I’ve had. Although my experience has come from a relationship that has ended, I can definitely say that I always had an absolutely fabulous and amazing time (on vacation). This may be due to many factors: he and I are fun people by nature; we were in love; we loved to drink, and who doesn’t love touring any place while being smashed; or, perhaps the cities and adventures were wonderful. Nevertheless, I truly believe that you will have a good time no matter where you go, as long as you are a couple who knows how to have a good time with one another.

First off, if a flight is needed or desired, it would be a wise choice to use the following services: Travelocity.com, Expedia.com, or Kayak.com. As for hotels, if you’re not a hippie, Hotel.com may be a beneficial site to check out. Although you will not know which hotel you’ll stay at until you purchase the package, you’re able to pick a hotel that has the amount of stars you’d like. While this may sound risky, can you really say that you don’t enjoy a good surprise? What child doesn’t love a happy little grab bag? Yes, you’re no longer a child; but, perhaps you should remind yourself of the benefits one may receive if he/she is young at heart. If you’d like a reminder, check out the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s classic song. http://www.lyricsfreak.com/f/frank+sinatra/young+at+heart_20055277.html

Now that you know the services to use when booking a flight or hotel, you may want to figure out where you’re traveling! Again, I can only suggest wonderful places I’ve been. While this may seem silly, it may be wise to consider the fact that many people will suggest places that they’ve never even traveled to. Truly, I’d love to go to Paris; but, I cannot advise you, as a couple, to go there. I could suggest it, but I have no personal experience to justify my opinion.

First off, if you two have the money to travel out of the United States, I suggest you travel to Cabo San Lucas. Furthermore, I would suggest you stay at the Meliá Cabo Real. It is simply divine. When I stayed at this hotel, the rooms were lovely. But, I barely remember the room due to the fun that we had in the sun. We would usually spend the morning/afternoon at the pool bar, drinking delicious concoctions made by our newfound friend. Thereafter, I’d fall asleep as I tanned in the sun. When I woke up each day, we’d usually jump into the ocean. Due to the fact that we’d been dating for a long time, we were comfortable making a fool out of ourselves. We’d both run into the crazy Cabo ocean; and, I’d get knocked down every single time. At night time, we’d get drunk again off of exquisite Mexican margaritas, while eating homemade Mexican food. We even were able to dance the night away, as we had unknowingly visited during Mexican Independence day. All in all, Cabo is a great place to go.

If you’d like to stay in the states, I’d suggest traveling to: San Francisco, Portland, or Austin. First off, San Francisco is a lovely little experience that entails many adventures. You can ride the trolley, attend a 49er’s football game, or watch the Giants play baseball. Furthermore, you may want to check out Pier 39.

A place that feels quite similar to San Francisco is Portland, Oregon; they’re both liberal Northwest cities that entail some rain or chilly weather. Sports-wise, you may enjoy a Portland Trail Blazer basketball game if you visit during the right time of year. If you’re shopping, you may want to check out the Pearl District, 23rd street, or downtown Portland. Furthermore, you may want to head over to one of the new and happening streets on the other side of the Multnomah River (e.g., Hawthorne). Portland is a sweet, small city that you can actually become acquainted with!

Last but not least, you may want to visit Austin. Texas is amazing within itself; this is a state where you can find amazing Mexican food, southern hospitality, blue skies, sunshine, flat roads, and crazily terrific thunderstorms. 6th Street would be a wise place to visit if you like music, lively bars, and restaurants. There are also plenty of places to shop, not to mention the capitol building and all of the lovely sight seeing.

All in all, it’s hard to list vacation ideas for couples because there are obviously so many options that exist. And, realistically, it seems that a couple should enjoy the search for vacation ideas on their own. Perhaps the couple should sit down, pour a few White Russians, order a pizza, and Google themselves silly. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a little Googling, especially if it’s done while sitting next to the one you love? Furthermore, to be brutally honest, if two people are in a healthy relationship, the couple should be happy to embark on almost any new adventure, together.

While “being happy to do anything” may seem trite, it’s the truth. If two people love one another and respect and enjoy each other, dining at a romantic dinner in Bend, Oregon should be just as fun as walking down the strip in Vegas. People should try and remember to not take a relationship for granted; and, that can definitely happen when people begin to focus on materialistic desires, rather than being grateful to simply be with each other. Life is what you make of it; and if you have someone to enjoy life with, try not to forget how lucky you are. In the end, whether vacationing in Mexico or watching TV on the couch, two is better than one.