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Travelling alone Travelling Solo Benefits of Travelling alone

Every day, people set out in planes, trains, and in automobiles to a destination of their choosing. Whether it’s to travel for business or pleasure, often times you will see people traveling alone.

Usually, many of us don’t think about planning our vacation time on where we want to go by ourselves. You will typically find people traveling in pairs, with their families, or with friends. If you’ve never thought about hitting the open road by yourself, here are benefits to consider as to why you should go ahead and book that hotel reservation for one.

You will develop an open mind

When you travel alone, you’ll develop a keen sense for making quick decisions on your own. You’ll find that you think faster on your feet. You’ll find that your spontaneity valve will open. You’ll learn how to be more flexible. The freedom of being someplace new and exciting can be exciting in itself. Make last minute plans. Go with the flow. Giving yourself the okay to have an open mind will only encourage you to continue on with your travels and will enrich your solo experience.

You save a bit of moolah

Traveling alone will save you money, not on gas necessarily, but on airfare, tickets to events, food, and hotel stays.

Your agenda is yours, free and clear

You can plan your schedule down to the last second if you want, or play it by ear. Your trip is your oyster! You can go where you want, see what you want, do what you want. You can take as little or as much time as you want. You can explore the area you are visiting and not feel the pressure of having to be somewhere else for someone else.

Find your inner social butterfly

It’s easier to meet people when you are alone. Even if you aren’t the talker type, or you have an ungodly fear of approaching people, before you know it, you’ll be making friends with other travelers, asking people where they are from, and asking locals for directions somewhere. There are also many angles to making conversation at a museum or café.

The power of… self-awareness

Here’s one final thing to consider on why you can and should travel alone. While you think that in a million years, you swear you will never travel alone, think about how empowering it can be to live in your own skin, to be aware of yourself and what you are capable of achieving. Traveling alone will give you self-awareness. Self-awareness means personal growth. Traveling alone can be a very rewarding experience, giving you time to find yourself, remind yourself who you are, and to just enjoy yourself.