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Traveling Guide

There are a number of efficient tips for health and safety when travelling. A very good first tip is to carry or use very little cash during your vacation or trip. Tourists can spend more than the actual resident, sticking out as a potential target for robbery. This can be especially evident if the visitor is spending large sums of cash on souvenirs, gifts and tokens for friends and family at home. This can become doubly certain if the traveller is carrying cameras and other digital recording equipment with them.

A visitor to a region should lower his/her visibility to a certain region by looking less like a tourist or visitor, and blending in more with the local populace. This starts by carrying less recording equipment and frequenting fewer tourist hot spots and gift stores. These coupled with the use of less cash lowers your chance of being robbed, attacked or assaulted by thieves and sexual predators-who may be view a tourist/visitor as being especially vulnerable. Lowering your visibility considerably makes you less vulnerable and just as somebody who may be a resident. If you are a woman visiting a different city or region, travel with a friend, loved one or partner.

If travelling alone to a foreign country, try and associate more with visitors from your country. But also be wary and careful of them too.. There may be protection in numbers-but also predators and thieves from your own country. If you are a woman who has a sexual liasion with a foreigner, be especially careful. Insist upon going back to your hotel and use a condom. If you are drinking and having fun at local bars and hangouts, watch for date rape drugs. For men or women, always be aware of everybody in your point of view. Be careful when withdrawing any hard assets like cash, credit cards or electronic equipment. Keeping such movements to an absolute minimum is absolutely critical too. If you are a woman travelling during the summer, with lighter, more revealing outfits, do not walk in poorly lit or unlit areas.

When travelling anywhere, be you man or woman, always be careful. Give your itinerary to a trusted friend or family member. If you are travelling to Third World countries, get the necessary shots and vaccines. Register with the embassy or consulate. Avoid potential unrest areas and listen to updates from your respective governments. In the case of the USA, the State Department. The recent explosion of violence in the Middle East is indicative of how previously stable countries can suddenly disintegrate into firestorms of chaos, violence and bloodshed. Also, carry traveller’s insurance. Wherever you travel, plan your trip well.

Do Research your intended location well on the Internet and be wary of any potential pitfalls. One important tip never to forget, enjoy your trip and have a good time. But be wary at the same time.