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Travel Website Reviews Tripadvisorcom

Tripdvisor.com is a useful website that offers many personal reviews of places, accommodation and sights. I first came across tripadvisor.com almost by accident. Having already booked a fortnight’s holiday, on the island of Madeira, I was trawling the Internet looking for information about the island itself and our hotel. Tripadvisor is a well laid out website that is very easy to navigate. There is a wealth of information posted in relation to accommodation and holiday resorts which has, on the whole, been posted by ordinary members of the public.

Checking the site out, lo and behold, I came across our actual hotel and resort and began checking out the reviews. These reviews are by holidaymakers who have used the accommodation, for example, over the last few years. Obviously people such as hotel owners who have a vested interest should not be reviewing relevant hotels and resorts. However, in practice one or two may get through and be published, so you need to keep an open mind.

Also, people’s perceptions are so different in that one person may rate a hotel as appalling and someone else may love the place and rate it as fabulous. Sometimes this is due to the time lapse when renovations may have taken place or perhaps the accommodation may be under new management. Some holidaymakers may also have had bad luck and holidayed when a disaster struck. The upshot of all of this is that you need to read a cross section of reviews and make your own informed judgment. People’s expectations vary so much with regards to their holiday. Overall there is a lot to consider but Tripadvisor can help. Sometimes holiday makers may soon forget just how horrible their holiday was. If they do not post a review fairly quickly after returning home the holiday may be remembered through rose coloured glasses. This may place the holiday in a much better light, than was actually the case.

Reading some reviews about our forthcoming holiday left us feeling slightly apprehensive but we were, thankfully, very pleasantly surprised. When we arrived home I posted a positive review on Tripadvisor, whilst the holiday was fresh in my mind and uploaded appropriate photographs. You can post up to ten photos with each review. However try to make sure that they are copyright free and will be useful for anyone considering a similar holiday.

The more recently updated tripadvisor site also includes:-



Things to do

Apart from reviews of the above you are able to search for suitable flights, hotels and the like and book directly from this site. There is also a forum where you can find out more holiday details in person.

Tripadvisor does have some ordinary, standard accommodation and resort information also. I have used them again this year but before actually booking this time. They have reviews on a vast amount of holidays which can be very useful. Just bear in my mind that some of this informatiom is subjective and also that ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’.