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Travel Tourism Holiday South Africa Cape Town Robben Island Table Mountain

I spent three months in South Africa working and doing a little travelling. Cape Town was one of the places where I went and it was an awesome experience.

There are lots of things to do in Cape town I will go through things I did, what I liked about it why I enjoyed it and I will also say what else I could have done.

Before that where we stayed. A cheap, inexpensive way to live anywhere for a week is hostel. I and my companions chose to reside at Carnival Court backpackers which is right in the middle of the liveliest street in Cape town. If you don’t mind some loud music and enjoy lots of options this is the place for you. The will book tours and buses for you. I found them really helpful and they really were well informed about the best things that were going on.

Everywhere you go in Cape town you can not escape the mountain that is constantly peering over this city. That alone is a must see, Table Mountain. You are allowed to climb, up and there is a path to let you do so. However there have been thefts by mountain thieves so you need to be cautious. If you do not mind waiting in a queue you can get up via cable car.

Once at the top you are totally awestruck. Both by the view and byt the wonder of the mountain that is flat on top. You can endlessly stay up there and capture amazing pictures from various different and amazing views. There is also a cafe up there if you need to get something to eat.

From the top of the mountain if you look out to the sea you can make out a black round Island that is Robben Island. This island is definitely worth a visit. You will be able to book up for a guided tour, but please do it in advance to save disappointment. So much of the countries history is linked or lies within that one tiny island. If you want to appreciate South Africa more you need to learn more about it’s history and Robben island is the place for that.

You get the ferry over, which is a lovely but windy journey. Once you dock you are taken aboard buses with experienced tour guides who take you around the whole of the island giving detail of what happened at different parts of the island. One of the most amazing parts for me was the fact that some of the inmates where the tour guides. People who actually were imprisoned there, who ate and talked with Mandela. It was really amazing. The tour is probably about an hour long. You are taken around the island and shown the living quarters for officers, where the prisoners, including Mandela, worked and it is concluded by a tour around the prison where you are shown where Mandela was imprisoned and his garden that he liked to work on.

It is a very informative but exciting tour with lots to see and take in. And obviously there is a gift shop for any memento’s you may desire.

You can get an amazing glance into the culture by walking around the waterfront. Buskers singing and dancing and doing acrobatics. There is lots to see and do just by walking around and stumbling across things. I would recommend finding a market and bartering. It is lots of fun!

Other things that there are to do is you can go and see the university which is beautiful. There are wine tours which you can organise through the Bag packers, safaris and even just going to the beach. There a beautiful places to just go to and have a nice relaxing walk and take in the scenery.

I will conclude with my most important factor. Places to eat! There is ample choice of places to eat and you don’t need to go far to find them. Cape Town is littered with Indian, Chinese, and Italian restaurants. Any type of cuisine you can imagine you should be able to find. We ate in a variety of different places all very nice. Not all posh. Some little cafs around are very quirky and nice, good atmosphere and the food is good too.

I would recommend Cape Town as a destination to go an see, you will not be disappointed.