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Travel to Belmar Park in Lakewood Colorado

Parks are something that most people enjoy. You can go for a walk, ride a bike, toss the Frisbee around, and much more. There is a park called Belmar Park in Lakewood, Colorado(Denver) that offers these amenities and more. In this article, I will describe what Belmar Park is like.

General Information –

Belmar Park is located near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in an area that is west of downtown Denver. Like I mentioned above, Belmar Park is located in Lakewood. Lakewood is simply a westward suburb of Denver. It is one of the more beautiful areas to live in if you ever want to move to Denver, Colorado.

Being in Colorado, it can be quite cold in the winter months. But during the latter part of spring, it starts to warm up. Anytime between May and September is usually when the park has pleasant temperatures. But there are always extremes, so take a jacket just in case.

You can also visit the Lakewood Heritage Center, which is located inside Belmar Park. And there is also the occasional fair as well. As for other surroundings, you will be near the Lakewood police station and some other commercial as well as residential areas. As you might expect, being so near to a police station makes this park very safe.

Landscape –

The landscape at Belmar Park is what one would expect to find in a Colorado park. There is a plethora of pine trees, hills, a nice view of the Rocky Mountains, and more. Belmar Park also has a large pond and a few creeks that flow through it. You will come across small bridges if you ever decide to walk the entire length of this park.

Belmar Park is especially beautiful after a snowstorm in winter. The lake freezes over, snow lingers in the branches of pine trees, ice hangs from the bridges; etc. Just be careful if you decide to take a walk during the winter months because it can be slippery(especially over the bridges).

Wildlife –

Yes, there is actual wildlife in this park other then squirrels. For instance, there is the geese. Year round, you will find a plethora of geese that inhabit this park. There are more of them in the summer months, but rest assured you will see some in the winter too.

And they’re not people shy. These geese will let you get within a few feet of them before the start to back off. Of course, if a goose has a nest nearby she may hiss at you instead. It’s rather amusing when a goose hisses at you. It’s also fun to watch the geese fly in and land on the water. The geese will often form an arrow formation and land perfectly.

Other animals that inhabit this park are gulls, various other aquatic birds, fish, and turtles. You will not see the turtles in the winter months because of the cold. But once spring arrives, you may see them sunning themselves on some rocks or something similar.

As for domesticated animals, you will find the usual. Dogs are usually the main type of domesticated animal that wanders around Belmar Park. Most people keep their dogs on leashes, but you may occasionally find one without a leash on. The dogs usually will do no more then occasionally sniff you.

You may also find people riding horses in this park. It’s fun to watch them, but be careful you don’t get in the way. Occasionally, the horses will be running extremely fast. You don’t want to be run over so be careful. But the horses have their own designated trails, so it’s very unlikely that you will have any problems.

As you can see, Belmar Park is an unusual park. You can still do all of the fun things that you would do at a normal park, but there is so much more that you can do and see at Belmar Park. It’s a great place.