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Travel Planning Advice most Romantic Vacation Destinations for Married Couples

Love is the most beautiful experience. When one is in love the heart sings, the face glows and the happy couple needs nothing other than each other for complete happiness. Having married that special someone to give your heart to, calls for a celebration. Therefore lovebirds often contemplate a romantic vacation. Somewhere they can spend quality time together, rekindle the sparks of love, enjoy picturesque scenic delights, romantic strolls beneath the haloed moon and the twinkling stars above.

A myriad of married couples imagine enjoying a romantic vacation seeing the sights of the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Others visualize sharing a romance filled day together in a Gondola on the waterways of Venice. With the moon rippling on the waters and the one you love by your side, what more could a person in love wish for?

When one thinks of romantic escapes, they often consider a vacation to one of the most romantic places on earth. Romantic vacations differ from the typical overcrowded family vacations. One desires peace and quiet to a certain degree, a certain amount of privacy and opportunities to enjoy heart stopping kisses without a host of vacationers intruding on their serenity. Below is a list of the most romantic vacation destinations for married couples.

Colmar in France:

There are a plethora of scenic delights and activities to enjoy in Colmar. The main attraction of Colmar is its numerous vineyards as well as the Alsatian wine industry. Colmar is a stunningly beautiful European city in north-eastern France. Located within a distance of 64 kilometres to the southwest of Strasbourg on the lovely Lauch River, the city is frequently referred to as the most stunning in all of France. The architectural masterpieces, the museums and galleries, the Alsatian buildings and half-timbered houses are the major drawcards of the city. Visit medieval towns like Eguisheim. Enjoy adventure activities such as skiing and hiking the exquisite landscape.

Paris, France:

The French are world renown for being the most romantic people in the world, hence the need to feature the Capital of the state in the list of romantic places to vacation. Embrace at the top of the Eiffel Tower, sip coffee in one of the many roadside cafes. Paris lays claim to some of the world’s most prized attractions such as the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc de Triomphe is a famous monument that honours those who fought for France, in particular those that fought the Napoleonic War. It also includes the tomb of the ‘unknown soldier’. This can be found in the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle which was formerly known as Place de l’Etoile. Deemed ‘Heaven of Romance’, Paris is a fabulous vacation destination for married couples.


The banks of the river Nile are mesmerizing indeed and still abuzz with romantic stories about the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. Married couples will have a ball enjoying the scenic delights of one of the most historical times in history. Enjoy a romantic cruise on the pristine waters of the Nile. Visit the cities of Cairo and Alexandria. The desert lifestyle and the exciting food is a whole new experience in itself. The pyramids, ancient tombs, golden sand and the hospitality of the locals are second to none. There are a host of romantic places to go in Egypt, salt lakes, palm-fringes oases, romantic hotels with spring-fed Roman pools

Valley of the Kings offers pyramids, antiquities and Queen Nefertari’s tomb which is located at the West Bank of the Nile. Avoid the noisy crowds on the Nile’s East Bank and stay at Al Moudira, Luxor Egypt in the West bank on the serene side of the river. This elegant boutique hotel sits on 8 acres of beautiful gardens just 3 miles from the Valley of the Kings. Visit Cairo whilst there, Cairo, Africa’s largest city contains ancient mosques, Arab settlements, Coptic churches and the 10th-century palace city, Saladin’s impressive Citadel and the minarets of Sultan Hassan’s 13th century gem of mosque.

Regarded as ‘paradise of earth’, Cairo has been attracting visitors for well over 10 centuries. Cairo is absolutely beautiful, enchanting, surprizing and one of the world’s largest urban areas offering a host of sites for married couples to explore. Explore ancient temples, awe-inspiring churches, tombs, magnificent Muslim monuments, the Egyptian Antiquities Museum and so much more.

Venice in Italy:

Venice, Italy is one of the loveliest romantic places to vacation in the world. Venice is the most apt choice for married couples who wish to reignite the flames of love. Venice, Italy is the most romantic place to rekindle the sparks of love. Married couples will have a ball exploring the history and modern culture in Venice. View and photograph the magnificent sculptures of the intriguing Roman era which have made the city what it is today.

Vienna, Austria:

Vienna in Austria is filled to the very brim with some of the most intriguing blend of nature, culture and history. Having experienced a host of historical moments, Vienna offers a trip down memory lane holding the hand of your loved one. The landscape is absolutely beautiful allowing one to spend some wonderful quality time with one’s spouse whilst delighting in the amazing surrounds. Visit the Museum of Fine arts, Sigmund Freud Museum and Belvedere Palace, The Hofburg Imperial Palace, Schoenbrunn Palace and St Stephen’s Cathedral.


A slow ride down the waterways of Amsterdam is so romantic. For very obvious reason the city ranks up near the very top of the list for romantic places for married couples to vacation. The cobbled narrow streets are home to some of the most wonderful cafes, restaurants, music, fun and so much more. Filled to the very brim with historical and cultural delights, Amsterdam is a wonderful vacation choice for married couples.


Australia prides itself on its stunning beaches, golden sand and scenic landscape diversity. Married couples will find Australia friendly, stunning in every sense of the world and exciting. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef; enjoy the surfing at ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ in the state of Queensland. Visit the outback and view Australia’s world renowned ‘Ayer’s rock”, of which balladeer John Williamson wrote about. His word, “Pastel reds to burgundy, spinifex to gold” is a great description for the world’s largest monolith and Aboriginal sacred site when the sun hits it. It’s awesome to see and that’s an understatement.

Ayer’s Rock (otherwise known as Uluru) is located in the Kata Tjuta National Parlk; 280 miles southwest of Alice Springs in the state of the Northern Territory. There are a host of Aboriginal sacred sites, spectacular scenic delights and amazing rock formations in this enormous park. Whilst there, visit the Olgas, a dramatic series of 36 dome-like rock formations that stand up to 1,701 feet high and cover an area of 35 km. Just like Ayer’s Rock, they produce the most incredible light show, pinks to mauves, crimsons to rust. Romantic couples will find this a wonderful experience indeed.