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Travel Journaling

Journaling while traveling can be a lot of fun. If you don’t enjoy writing or want to improve your skills in this area, journaling while traveling can expose you to a casual, relaxed writing environment where you can express yourself in a unique way.

In addition to being fun, journaling keeps you fully engaged in your adventures and provides respite in the midst of a busy travel schedule. Taking time out to write every day ensures you will have “down time” to relax and reflect, no matter how many destinations are on your itinerary.

Journaling while traveling also creates an historic record of your trip. Reliving the day’s adventures through journaling will help you capture detail that you won’t remember two years later. Chances are if you loved a particular destination, you will return there someday and will recommend it to others. Without a detailed journal, you may not remember the name or location of that hole-in-the-wall restaurant overlooking the bay where you had the most amazing sea bass topped with mango chutney. A journal is an excellent place to store all of those details, providing a quick reference for years to come.

Another reason to journal while traveling is to avoid repeating mistakes you made on previous trips. Reading about how exhausted you felt after three layovers may entice you to pay a little extra for a direct flight. Or after reading about the seven day camping trip you took during college, you may realize that you actually dislike camping and would prefer to stay in a hotel.

If you want to be a professional writer, traveling is a great way to practice your craft. Whether or not you’re interested in travel writing, being on the road provides great material for blogs, articles, and book projects. Try different journaling techniques such as stream of consciousness writing, describing an object or a person in intricate detail, or dialogue between traveling companions or strangers. Describe how an event made you feel, and the events that transpired before you made an important decision.

Traveling typically offers lots of down time for writing. While you’re waiting to board the next plane or check into your hotel, pull out your laptop or notebook. If you’re having a conflict with someone on the trip, take time out to write down your thoughts.

Lastly, journaling while traveling can help sort out problems you’re currently facing at home. Our perceptions about our lives are often different when we’re traveling than when we’re at home. Through journaling, you may realize that you need to spend less time at the office and more time with your children. Or maybe you’ll realize that you dislike your job less than you thought you did.

Keeping a journal of your travels is both practical and valuable. Not only will you enjoy reliving memories years after your adventure, you will experience them more fully during the trip.