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Travel Destinations Laganas Bay Zakynthos Greece

The third in extend among the Ionian islands, the island of Zakynthos attracts many people with its unseen natural beauties, piny mountains, fertile valleys and endless green landscapes. Idyllic beaches, rocky shores, impressive marine caves are the typical characteristic for this “flower of the East” as the Venetians named it.

It is true that the island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The most interesting and visited is the Navago Beach near the village of Anafotiria. MAny people know it as the”shipwreck” island. Why is it so? This is because of the fact that in 1983 the ship that transported illegally cigarettes shipwrecked. Today the ruins of the ship are in the middle of the sandy beach as a tourist attraction. The beach is very beautifully surrounded by vertical rocky cliffs and crystal clear waters of the sea. The Navago beach is hidden into the cliffs. It is reachable only by boat. The trip by boat lasts about thirty minutes and one can take it from the small harbor of Porto Vromi. This beach is the most photographed beach in Greece. Why?! Because it is interesting. it has another name”the Smuggler`s cove”. The official name of the beach is Aghios Georgios”. It was named after the monastery which is about two kilometers before the shipwreck in the eastern direction.

At the foot of the hill of Bohali the town of Zakynthos or Zante is beautifully situated. The town has the medieval center where one can see the imposing buildings and monuments but there is also a modern center of the town. Churches of the town attract the visitor with their architectural styles, history and beautiful decorations. Another must visit are the museums: the Museum of Dionyssios Solotuos and illustrione Zantiotes, the Museum of Natioanl Resistance(1940-1945), the Museum of Post-byzantine art where one can find an excellent collection of icons. While walking on the streets the tourist can find lots of shops and stores int he center of the town, local restaurants or taverns, cafes, bars, clubs with Greek and foreign music, discos.

If you are tired of the town life go and visit some of the villages of the island: Agalas, Anafonitria, Kambi, Mouzaki, Ano Volumes and others. Why do I recommend visiting of the villages? They are ideal place to see the unspoilt scenery and to witness the Zakynthian way of life. The traditional villages help the foreign visitor to understand the islands history and culture.

The island of Zakynthos is like a fairy -tale! You can believe me!