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Travel Destinations Fiji


Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is a tourist’s heaven. It is made up of 332 small islands, of which hardly 110 are inhabited. For a long time, Fijians had barely any major influences of the outside worlds and so most of the Fijians still remain innocent and noncommercial. It was only when the British dominated the islands that the Fijians saw coarse colonial brutality. However, in the present, Fiji has a booming travel industry based on the beauty of these wonderful islands. This country is devoid of any real violence and also free from diseases, which makes it a matchless tropical tourist destination.

Because of the colonial history, English is widely spoken and is the official language of Fiji. Many Indians were brought into Fiji as laborers and they now form part of the Fijian cultural milieu. Therefore, Hindi and Urdu are commonly spoken. Another very important language is the native Fijian. One very famous Fijian is Vijay Singh, the professional golfer who plies his trade on the US PGA tour and plays golf all over the world, bringing the name of Fiji to the fore.

What makes Fiji an exciting travel destination? Coral reefs are a great attraction for people choosing their travel destination as Fiji. The tropical rainforest, the coconut trees, the beaches and the hills are other tourist attractions. The capital Suva, along with Labasa, Lautoka, Levuka, Nabouwalu, Nadi, Nausori, Rakiraki, Savusavu and Sigatoka etc are places that might be of immense interest to a tourist.

Like most of the interesting travel destinations Fiji also has a treat in store for the passionate diners. Most Fijian cuisines make use of coconut milk. Paulsami is a local delicacy made from taro leaves, lemon juice, coconut milk and onion/garlic. Paulsami could also be non-vegetarian. You can also try Kokoda. It is a seafood specialty, which again uses coconut milk and lemon. Vutu a nut from the Beqa Island is unique to Fiji and can be found early in the year. Fijian cuisine has a great variety and Oriental, Indian and Continental cuisine can be relished in Fiji. Yaqona or kava or grog is a traditional drink in Fiji. It is made from the root of pepper plant and can be a little intoxicating.

Now where to stay in Fiji. Turtle Island resort in Yasawa is a popular destination for honeymooners. World’s first and only underwater hotel, the Poseidon Resort, is another hot favorite of tourists. Yanuca Island in Sigatoka boasts of Fijian Resort Shangri-La which pampers the guests with various comforts. A trip to Fiji will not leave you disappointed. It is a glorious cluster of islands that give you a taste of paradise and will no doubt have you making plans very soon to return.