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Travel Destinations Edmundston new Brunswick

The city of Edmundston, New Brunswick is located in Atlantic Canada. To be more specific, “It is located at the edge of the New Brunswick ‘panhandle’ at the junction of the Saint John and Madawaska Rivers in the northwestern part of the province.” “Located in northwestern New Brunswick, in Madawaska County, the city of Edmundston shares borders with Quebec and the United States. The city is surrounded by the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains.”

This picturesque city features a variety of sports, summer festivals, and scenery easily enjoyed by pedestrians. Edmunston has grown up around the pulp and paper industry, which still employs many locals. “Forestry is one of the city’s major industries with several sawmills and paper plants in the vicinity, the largest being the Fraser pulp mill. The Edmundston pulp is paired with a Fraser paper mill directly across the Saint John River, through which liquified pulp slurry is piped – the only such installation anywhere along the Canada-United States border. Sign and plastics manufacturing are also important to the city’s economy.”

Rather than identifying too closely with Acadians or even the Quebecois from whom many Edmundston residents descend, Edmundstonians have developed a unique language and sense of history. “Unlike most francophones living in the Maritimes, most people living in the Edmundston area do not consider themselves Acadians other than for statistical purposes. Most of them descend from French-Canadians who originally came from Lower Canada (now Quebec) along with a few Irish immigrants to settle the area in the century between 1820 and 1920, and absorbed the small group of Acadians who had arrived earlier. Nor do they consider themselves Québeois despite their heritage, mainly due to the politicization of Quebec-specific issues they do not feel concerned with. The local accent is reminiscent of that spoken in certain areas of western Quebec and typically not considered a variant of Acadian French.” This community makes vibrant use of French media. Two French language newspapers, four French radio stations, and two French TV stations broadcast from here.

Edmundston offers many active leisure activities, from sports such as fly fishing on the Saint John River, canoeing Madawaska’s Back-country and discovering the wildlife, trails for biking/hiking or, in winter, snowshoeing, motorized sports, and tennis. Rent a bike from the Edmundston Information Centre.

Experience nature and great food at Les Jardins Inn, where you will be surrounded by natural beauty. From May to September, visit the New Brunswick Botanical Garden.

In summer, enjoy a variety of musical performances. Each Wedenesday night throughout the summer, you and your family can enjoy free outdoor concerts. If jazz and blues music is your thing, you will love “Festival de Jazz et Blues” for four days each June.

Those who want to experience the real history of Edmundston should come August 1 to 5, 2012, when the city celebrates its annual La Faire Brayonne. To see children reenact the history of Madawaska, watch the entertaining presentation at L’Acadie des Terres et Forets on Fete!”