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Travel Destinations Breitenbush Hot Springs Oregon

If you are looking for a relaxing break, then the Breitenbush Hot Springs can be a great choice. This destination makes the most of the natural hot springs of Oregon, which are formed through geothermal activity underground. These naturally heated springs provide the most relaxing spa experience in naturally heated waters.

The water itself that is found in the hot springs at Breitenbush comes from the streams and water sources in the nearby Cascade mountain range. Over several thousands of years, the ground and surrounding areas have been maintained at temperatures up to 180 decrees Celsius and this has provided may different minerals and rock formations that all have excellent health benefits. The minerals are gently eroded into the water flow, and so the water in the hot springs is actually loaded with such minerals as potassium, sodium, calcite and quartz to name but a few.

The family owners of the Breitenbush Hot Springs live on site and they provide visitors with the ability to experience various relaxing treatments, including New Age, holistic, spiritual and cultural experiences. You will need to make an advance booking if you wish to make the most of any of these offered therapies.

The Hot Springs themselves have been open as a public resort since 1981, and now, in their 30th year, they are more popular than ever before. You have the option of visiting the sauna, spas, and springs and have the choice of wearing clothing or not.

Much of the location is available in the open air, with several rock based pools overlooking fields and scenery. Each of these pools will allow up to 10 people at any one time to relax, and there is also a patio to relax on, for up to 6 people. There are also a number of hot tubs in the resort, which have managed temperatures for your safety. All these areas of the spa are naturally heated by the area’s geothermal activity.

In a wooden house in this popular travel destination, are the relaxing saunas. These are positioned over a creek which again is heated by geothermal energy. The slatted floor allows the steam from the spring to rise, creating the perfect sauna experience for Breitenbush Hot Springs’ guests.

When you have had enough of relaxing in the spa, you can make the most of the hospitality features of the resort, including it’s lodgings, have a relaxing massage, or have a peaceful walk on many of the nature trails that surround the location.

For a truly relaxing experience, you should keep the Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon in mind.