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Travel Destinations Alaska

Alaska is one of the last great frontiers left in the world. It is one of the most breathtaking, awesome, powerful places you can behold. Alaska gives you a glimpse into the soul of the earth and lets you feel, view, and experience utter beauty like few other places can. You will soon find out why many people who have gone here have never returned. This spectacular place gets a hold on you and beckons you to stay. Come see the world as few can; you will not be disappointed.

History of Alaska

There have been settlers in Alaska since the end of the Upper Paleolithic Period, but Russians established the first European settlement in 1784. The United States of America purchased the land in 1867 from the Russians. It was not given territorial status until 1912, which was after the gold rush of the 1890s brought in thousands of miners.

Alaska became a state in 1959. Oil was found in 1968 and by 1977 the Trans-Alaska Pipeline was completed and created an oil boom. There is an ongoing battle about drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Climate and Geography of Alaska

The climate of Alaska varies from sub-arctic oceanic climate in the north and mid-latitude oceanic climate in the south. The weather varies tremendously from region to region.

Alaska is the furthest northwest part of the North American continent. It is divided into the following regions: Southcentral, Southwest, Inside Passage, Interior, and Far North. Alaska has two mountain ranges known as the Pacific and the Rocky Mountain Systems. It also has Central Lowlands and Uplands along with Arctic Coastal Plain areas.

Things to See and Do in Alaska

There is a lot to do in this wonderful place. The following is a few of them:

Cruising there are countless cruises to choose from in and around Alaska with the Inside Passage being the most popular.

Flightseeing this is sightseeing from a plane and one of the best ways to cover a larger region.

Railroads you can travel on two railroads that give you a great view of Alaska.

Fishing Angler fishermen will never want to leave and other fisherman as well, once they fish in Alaska.

Wildlife Watching including animals such as:

Grizzly, black, and polar bears
Bald, golden, and Stellar eagles
Humpback, killer, bowhead, and beluga whales
Dall sheep
Sea otters
Musk oxen

Camping this can be in the wild or campgrounds; the choice is yours.

Dog sledding there is nothing as thrilling as a genuine dog sled ride.

Glacier viewing you can get up close to several of the glaciers in the area. They can be seen by air, sea, or land.

Gold panning there is still gold to be found in Alaska.

Hiking and climbing this is one of the best ways to experience Alaska.

Kayaking and river rafting there are countless water adventures awaiting you in the many waterways.

Aurora borealis or “northern lights” can been witnessed from the end of August to the beginning of April. This is an experience you will never forget and talk about for years to come.

The sights you can see on a trip to Alaska will leave you with a better perspective of the natural beauty that can still be found on earth. You will bring back memories and stories of exciting adventures and yearn to return to the wild. Come to Alaska, if you dare!