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Travel Destination Mo i Rana Norway

The small and quiet town which is in the northern part of Norway attracts the visitors with its closeness to the Arctic circle. Located at the head of the wonderful Ranfjord the town Mo i Rana is a place where one can relax and meet very kind, helpful and hospitable Norwegian people. One unique thing here in this area is the meeting that the river Ranelva makes with the Ranfjord just in Mo i Rana. The view is splendid especially by air.

There is no doubt that the town and the Arctic circle are very interesting because they are the gateway to the arctic part of beautiful Norway. The simple question is: what can the visitor do when he or she is here, in the town?! “Getting acquainted with the history of the town” is the first answer that comes into mind. The coastline played a dominating role in this part of Norway. Thanks to trade the population developed right up until the 1700s. Being once a society based on hunting during the 18th c.the immense valleys became populated by permanent inhabitants who worked with agriculture, forestry and fishing.

A little bit later the “mining” became a serious enterprise here. In 1955 the Iron Works started operation and reaches its peak about 4 000 employees in Mo i Rana. So the town became one of the country`s industrial cornerstones. In 1988, after the largest re-organization of the Iron Works ever seen in Norway, the new businesses were established. Today Mo Industrial Park is the country`s largest in terms of range and diversity, including lots of businesses (over 120) and more than 2000 employees. Because of that reason the town has experienced considerable growth in the areas of commerce and service industries.

What else can one do when in the town and its area nearby?! Visiting some of the caves, having a look at glaciers, enjoying the blue water of rivers and lakes, spending some time in the beautiful mountains or taking trips inside them-there is plenty to do in this area. What else? Diving, hiking, biking, climbing, skiing (in winter), horseback driving and ,of course, fishing.

Going to the downtown is a pleasure for everybody. The downtown is located near the fjord. All the town parts are connected through small bridges over the rivers. In the middle of the downtown stands the Rana Museum. It focuses on the everyday life in the town through the 19th c. The modern and non-traditional exhibits are very interesting.

Another interesting thing is the statue: Man of the Sea which stands in the fjord just outside the downtown of Moholmen. The statue made in 1995 by an English sculpture can be seen from the city center.