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Touring Jamaica

Jamaica’s local culture is a rich blend of West African culture mixes with the beautiful Caribbean landscape and sunlight to produce a democracy that blends patois with the Queen’s English. Jamaica is also well known for it’s warm beaches, spicy cooking, and numerous places to casually dance. Jamaica is internationally famous for its Reggae music and its Rum.

Jamaica has a warm Caribbean natural environment that features many beaches to visit as well as pleasant walks among the tropical foliage. There are many species of colorful birds. It’s generally okay to swim in the beaches but don’t drink the water especially if it’s a muddy red brown from bauxite. Some of the natural features to see are Dunns River Falls, 7 Mile Beach, Doctors Cove, and Hellshire Beach.

Some of the fun little known facts about Jamaica is that it has 27 birds unique to the island. Jamaica also has 120 lakes and rivers. Jamaica also has more golden sunshine and Olympic gold medals then Iceland. Inevitably you will inevitably at some point drink rum while listening to pre-recorded music played by Bob Marley.

One of the more significant facts about Jamaica is that it is a democracy with a huge tourist influx. Fortunately English is the dominant language although there is a Patois. When you go to Jamaica buy a T-shirt at the Hip Strip T-Shirt shop. Also wherever you go listen to 106 FM.

Originally the Arawak’s inhabited what we now call Jamaica. Their idea of a good time was to party and eat cakes of cassava with fish and snake meat. Then Christopher Columbus led the Spanish to them. The Spaniards idea of a good time was to impale and burn people alive while stealing their gold. All the Arawak died and were replaced with African slaves. The British kicked out the Spanish in 1655. The British idea of a good time was to work the African slaves to death to make cheap sugar. The African’s idea of a good time was to dance and play music. They have now thankfully taken over the island. When most European or American women think of the current history of Jamaica they are quite likely to think of attractive men dancing to reggae music.

So let’s give an overview of some fun things to see and do while you are in Jamaica. Assuming you have a private helicopter you should first eat breakfast at 3 Dives. Then go to Dunns River Falls while listen to 106 FM. Dunns River Falls is a fun place to walk around and admire the water falls as well as the flora. Skip buying crafts there and instead travel to Kingston Market to buy your knick-knacks. Lunch at Island Grill. Then in the afternoon go Doctors Cave beach. Follow that up with dinner at Sweet Spice restaurant. When it gets too dark to party any more stay at Sandals hotel. Finish up with a night flight around the island while pleasantly buzzed on Jamaican rum.