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Top 10 Activities for a Family Vacation in Puerto Rico

When traveling Puerto Rico you may think its going to be hard to find places that the kids will enjoy. But this is farther from truth; in Puerto Rico you can find a variety of excellent choices to have a great vacation experience with your family.

El Morro and the San Cristobal Castle

Located at the Old San Juan these two Historical structures are both educational and filled with lots of fun and adventure for small kids. The passages, old cannons and labyrinths will make them feel like in pirates of the Caribbean movie. Bring your kite your way out to have fun in one of the biggest green yard you can find to get you kite fly farther than ever.

Ice Skating

The town of Aguadilla has a great skating facility that is open year round. There is a solid surface rink and two food courts. This is a very fun activity for kid but make sure they ware gloves; they can cut their hands if they feel down. Having fun never stops in Puerto Rico this is only the beginning.

Aquatic Parks

Let your kids splash their way to Ponce, Puerto Rico were is one of the Islands best water parks. You are guaranteed to have a very happy family after a day splashing and having fun together. You can also find great water parks in Aguadilla, Bayamon and a small one in Salinas.

Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park

Arecibo offers two great options for the family. The Arecibo Lighthouse and Historical Park and the Arecibo Radio Telescope. The Lighthouse offers great attractions for the kids like, aquarium, pirate ship’s, five cultural representations of Puerto Rico, playground, and mini zoo. If you are interested in science visit the Radio Telescope first and then get to the Lighthouse to have some fun.

Lineal Parks

Enjoy the charm of a day in a lineal park. You can go to the Luis Munos Marin Park, Parque Central, this is Central Park in English, or the Luis Munos Rivera Park all located in San Juan. At these parks you can have a great picnic and play basketball, bike riding, and other interesting activities for your children.

Enjoy the Animals

Enjoy a full day surrounded by animals at Villa Campestre in the town of Guaynabo, where kids can be close to horses, pigs, cows, bunnies, and many other adorable creatures. You can also visit the Mayaguez zoo if you just want to go for a wild experience.

Horse Rides

Go for a horse ride with your family in Hacienda Carabali located in the town of Luquillo. Or you can go to the north and enjoy the great facilities of the Tropical Trail Rides in Isabela. Both offer a very fun experience and a very pleasant ride.

Beach time

Get your family to experience the beach of Liquillo and Isla Verde beach with a variety of water sports that can be of lots of fun for your older kids. Punta Salinas beach in Toa Baja is also a great option for the facilities surrounding. Look for the blue flag certification beach that will certifies that the facility is a family friendly beach among other benefits.

Go Shopping

Puerto Rico offers the best facilities in the Caribbean to go shopping. You can start going to Plaza Las Americas in San Juan, this may be your last stop because is a huge shopping center. Don’t forgot to get your souvenir. If you want to travel to the south you can go to Plaza del Caribe in Ponce. If you want to go west stop by the Mayaguez mall.

Olympic Experience

If you want to have an olimpic experience and practice several sport the same day you have to go to the Albergue Olimpico in Salinas located in the south of Puerto Rico. This is an all in one place, it has facilities for almost every sport, Aquatic Park, botanical gardens, a small zoo, mountain bike trails, rock climbing, playgrounds, museums, fast food restaurants and many more facilities.

Puerto Rico is a great option for a family vacation and there are more to visit. This tropical Island offers different places that every member of the family can enjoy. A good trip planning will get you a better experience, especially for the kids that get bored easily and need lots of action to have fun.