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Tips while Visiting Canada

Travellers to Canada come from every part of the world whether for a holiday, for business or to visit relatives and friends. Since Canada is a vast country, visitors will likely have an area or location as a destination focus. If you are a first time visitor to Canada, it is important to have updated correct information.

To begin with, entering Canada includes having a current passport, no matter what country you are coming from. Airport and border security has been increased over the past few years and your documentation is important. Check before you come, especially regarding what items are not allowed for security reasons, such as liquids (if you are on a plane) and/or food items if you enter through a border crossing. Paying attention to this will ensure you have a pleasant and relatively quick entry into the country.

Depending on the location you are intending to visit, it is advised that you make contact with dependable sources for your travel information. A dependable source may be a government informational office such as Tourism BC, Tourism Montreal, Tourism Vancouver and so on. These offices are all internet-accessible and will have the most updated information for you.

Visitors to Canada come for various reasons and intentions, some of which may include the “great outdoors”. In the west, skiing and winter sports are often one of those reasons along with hiking and wilderness adventure at any time of the year. It is always important to check current information, since some of the things you may be intent to see and do are “seasonal”. For instance, there has been many a visitor disappointed when they realize that “whale watching” is best accommodated at a specific time of year (summer). As well, many operations showcasing tourist attractions are also seasonal.

Wildlife in a number of areas in Canada is abundant and renowned in locations such as the Rocky Mountains of Alberta. If you visit these wildlife populated areas, observe local recommendations. Never approach any animal and be aware while hiking or walking of the dangers and requirements that will ensure your personal safety. The same precautions apply to skiing and snowboarding locations. There are specific rules to follow in all areas both east and west and it is highly recommended that you observe them.

Provinces such as Quebec do have primarily French speaking locales. However, you will usually be able to communicate with relative ease no matter where you go. You may want to bring along a French dictionary if you are visiting this province in the event that you require interpretation of some kind.

As in all countries, hotels, restaurants and attractions sometimes come and go. Therefore, map out an itinerary and if possible, book ahead. Find out as much as you can about the area and location you intend to visit, what the highlights are, and whether or not they are available at the time of year you intend to visit. Make sure that you use reliable informational sources, since sometimes Internet articles and/or personal experiences that are blogged contain biases and may or may not provide correct information. The purchase of a travel guide from reliable sources such as “Frommer’s” or “Fodor’s” is a good idea. These books provide maps and information of all description, which is updated yearly.

Canada is not only a destination, but can provide bountiful experiences to travellers from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic seaboard. It is a friendly and safe place to visit, and from west to east welcomes visitors from every country in the world. With a little preparation and travel awareness, your visit to Canada will be something you will fondly remember.