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Tips for Planning a Rafting Trip for your Family Vacation

Here are some tips for planning a fun and enjoyable river rafting trip for your family.

Planning the perfect family rafting trip involves:

Know who you will be rafting with and where you are going to be rafting. Make sure activities are age appropriate.

Go with the flow. Do not spend time planning every single detail of the trip. It is better to let Mother Nature take its course. Your family will have fantastic adventures and you will enjoy the many beautiful surprises that nature offers.

Book your rafting trip far in advance.

Find out the requirements to bring and what the rafting company will provide. Is the trip all-inclusive or are you responsible to bring your own meals and water? If the rafting company provides the food, what types of meals will be served? Will your family enjoy it? Are there any special dietary requirements? You will also want to determine age restrictions, skill level requirements and any other questions that apply to your family.

Plan how you will get to your rafting adventure. You should check with your tour provider for details about transportation. Where will you sleep? Are you required to bring your own tents and sleeping gear? Make sure that your tent has enough space for the entire family. Everything you bring should be packed in a waterproof bag or case. You do not want your clothes or sleeping bag to get wet.

Bring clothes that you don’t mind if they are ruined by mud or water. And if you don’t absolutely need to bring it along, leave it behind just to be safe. Ask in advance about activities for children. A trip down the river might be enough to keep them interested, but it’s always good to consider options for your children.

Bring plenty of supplies for itching skin, bug bites, allergies. You will want to make sure you have a safety kit.Make sure that you have lifesaving supplies. This is the most important part of your trip. Also, you should consider the location. Discuss with your family a plan of action in case of an emergency.

Spend time educating your family members about rafting, the river, proper attire, etc. They say that knowledge is power and you can help prepare your family for your rafting adventure no matter the age.

With proper planning, your family’s rafting trip will be a wonderful vacation. Follow these steps so that you can relax and enjoy your family on your rafting adventure.