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Tips for Family Travel

Family travel can be fun and exciting, exploring new places and seeing new cultures. But it can also be trying and dangerous, and extremely stressful for the parents, here are some tips for family travel.

1) Get all the family involved. Mom and Dad may need to decide where to go and how to get there, but the children can provide input! The parents may decide the Caribbean sounds nice, so let the rest of the family look up different paces in the Caribbean. Then compare costs, activities, and time.

2) Getting the family involved means letting each member have “their day”. Research the place chosen and find one activity that is special for each person, and do it. It may be hiking down into the Grand Canyon or having a really nice dinner out. This will make the trip more memorable for everybody.

3) Safety first. This can mean several things, such as no swimming alone or having a set time when everybody has to be together. It also means communicating with each other so no one wanders off or gets lost.

4) Part of safety also means parents need to research the area for “attractive hazards”. These may be caves, the resort swimming pool, or even a really big tree that the children might climb. Identify the hazards and then warn everybody about rules involving them. This also means about what happens when those rules are broken!

5) Every family should learn basic first aid and there needs to be a family first aid kit! This doesn’t mean a paramedic training course with a stocked ambulance, Red Cross and something from Walmart will do. All children can learn some first aid, even if it is just putting on a band-aid!

6) Stay together as much as possible. No wandering around unaccompanied at airports or hotels. You can get lost, or just not pay attention to time and miss your flight. If it is at you destination, set some place that everybody can find in case they do get lost. Reception is always a good idea and everybody can find it.

7) Carry snacks, you are going to need them for energy and it will be cheaper than buying them at the airport snack shop.

Family travel can be fun and exciting, and a experience that everybody will remember. To make sure they are pleasant memories, just follow these tips!