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Tips for Beach Visiting with Kids

Spending the day at the beach is fun for all the family. Kids and adults alike can just relax. However when you do go to the beach with children it is not the best time to lay down and fall asleep sun bathing. When you go to the beach it is important to stay alert. During the summer there are lots of other people visiting the beach also and you never really know who is next to you or round the corner and the more crowded it is the more likely it is that someone will have an accident. It is natural for children to splash in the sea and run around and it is very easy to knock somebody smaller than you over by accident.

When taking the children to the beach,be sure to pack a few drinks in your bag and some wipes. Kids often get too hot and a cool drink is very refreshing. They also tend to wipe their eyes etc and not think about the sand already on their hands so the wipes will help clean their hands before they wipe their eyes or eat something.

Take a towel to lay on and a spare one to wipe their feet with at the end of the day. Be sure to pack plenty os sun cream as they are more likely to burn than you.

It is also a good idea to take some kind of shading. By that I mean you can take a brolley or better still take a small pop up tent. You can find some that also help keep out UV rays and they do not have to be expensive. It is not just good shading for when they need to cool down, but kids often find good games to play in tents or dens and they will love it.

Plenty of buckets and spades and other fun games are essential. It takes a lot to keep a child occupied. They need buckets for sand and one for water and spades to dig with and shapes to make in the sand. A beach ball can be fun. Of course it means you will probably have to join in, but when you get into it you will love it. The beach is a place where you can just be yourself. Collecting shells and paddling is fun, without having to get soaking wet and if you are able to rock climb then that can also be good fun.

It helps if you visit when the sea is not too far out. That way you can be close to the water and close to the toilets. It is guaranteed at some point the kids are going to need the toilet and if you are the other side of the beach it is a pain to have to walk all the way back to go to the loo. Also if you are sat near to the toilets and the sea is out, you have to walk all the way to the sea and back with water so it is useful to check first, to make your visit as relaxing as possible.

The beach really is a good way of tiring your children especially if they are quite young. It seems to be the fresh sea air, but children do get tired after a few hours and you will probably find they will have a good nights sleep and you get a bit of extra time to yourself.

So just remember to take enough towels and spades, some sun cream, drinks and shading like a tent and you should have a good few hours.