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Time Mangement

Relax,relax,relax. I have got you covered on how to make the most of your vacation time. The day’s take for ever building up to a most needed vacation.But once on vacation time can fly by and next thing you know it’s over. The worst feeling for me is knowing I didn’t get a chance to see everything.Oh, man I wish I went here, or I should’ve done that.It’s ok, take a deep breath and relax, I have some ways that can save time and make your vacation more valuable to you in relaxing more and seeing those things and experiencing those feelings you can’t get at home and only vacation.

Whether it is a romantic getaway for a couple or a fun and exciting family trip. Always have an agenda, Research where you are going to stay.Hotel,motel,or a bed and breakfast. Research the town or city you are going to .Find review’s on the places you want to go.Have a “vacation” meeting with those that are going, have a vote on the place’s high on everybody’s list to see.If time and money won’t allow for all to be seen, limit those place’s to the the most wanted.Get tickets or passes ahead of time.Most theme parks or zoo’s and museum’s for that matter are online and tickets can be purchased ahead of time.

Make an itinerary , it works! It is your ultimate time saver.But stick by it, Make sure you’ve done your reading and review’s though.You don’t want to put something on your itinerary for a half a day and find it takes a whole day.Make sure you leave time every night after festivities to relax and enjoy the scenery.You don’t want to overfill your itinerary either.There are going to be some things that you just won’t know about or forgot to search about.You want some time for these.I find it best to make a nice full day every other day your on vacation.Try and leave a couple day’s open for whatever.Get that tan you want,or the ultimate spa experience.The most important of all don’t make it a hectic vacation.If want hectic stay at home.

When you find the best place to stay that fits your needs,book it.When you find the best car rental agency and a car ,book it.When you decide on the places you want to go the most , get tickets and passes.Do all the things you can before you go! Do not have plans in your itinerary for arrival day.Leave this day open.On arrival day,do all the things you need to. Get settled in your lodgings and get your car.Talk to the workers of your lodgings ask what locals do.The best places to go and see. Then maybe you can make a non planned day a planned one.If you don’t have a rental vehicle most places have a shuttle to and from the biggest attractions and some places have a shuttle that will bring you anywhere as long as it is not too far.Find out,the times and places the shuttle runs and goes to where you want.

The one thing everyone has to do is eat! If your lodging has a fridge go to a local grocery store and pick up small easy meals,snacks and drinks.Find a nice resteraunt that is known for thier local quizines and enjoy the local foods.What kind of foods is the area known for. Do your research.I wouldn’t go to the midwest and get lobster,or go to the northeast and order steak.It’s not bad but it’s not known for being great.If your going to go out at night to a dance club find one’s that are good for non natives.Be safe, a lot of locals do not care for tourist.I grew up in Salem,Ma, my friends and I used steal the liscense plates off cars from other states,Be careful who you talk to. If your going to ask somebody for the best night hot spots don’t ask the pool cleaner or the cleaning lady.Talk to the front desk or better yet a member of management at your lodging.

Don’t drink to much alcohol, It could be fun but you want to remember the way back to your lodging.I remember When I went to Montreal Canada.My friend and I got beyond drunk and had no money to get back to out hotel.We couldn’t walk it ,we had no idea where it was.We ended up being picked by a mountie and he brought us back to our hotel.Do not let that happen to you.Because it might not be an officer! Drink in moderation if your going to drink.Make sure you know where you are.Do not drive! Call a cab or have a designated driver.Plus drinking seems to make the time go by faster and you forget alot.That is not a good time management idea.

Goodluck and enjoy yourself. Be safe and certious of local traditions.Take your time to enhance your vacation.See those sights and take many pictures and show your friends.