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Things to do in Koufonisia Greece

Greece is a popular tourist destination and many people choose to visit the country each year. While mainland Greece is a popular option for tourists, there are also a vast number of islands that can be visited and these vary from small to large and offer a range of experiences for tourists. One of the smaller options is Koufonisia and this is actually made up of three small islands comprising upper Koufonisi, lower Koufonisi and also Keros which lies between them. Although small there are a number of activities to do on the islands and the following are a few of these.

Relax on the Beach

One of the best reasons to visit the Koufonisia Islands is for the beaches that they have to offer. While the islands are small they have some great beaches available and a great number of people visit for the beach experience. Many of the beaches have long sandy bays with crystal clear water and some of the best of these include Harokopou which is a great family beach, Defteri which is a favorite for water sports and Platia Pounda which is one of the most popular and beautiful of the beaches. While these beaches are the bigger and more popular options, there are also plenty of small coves and inlets which offer a more secluded and private beach experience and there are plenty of these around the islands where a day relaxing on the beach can easily be enjoyed.

Water Activities

If relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun is not your thing, there are a great number of water activities that can be enjoyed while spending time on the Koufonisia Islands. The waters off the beaches are perfect for a range of activities with swimming and snorkelling being popular choices. More energetic activities include surfing, wind surfing or scuba diving or if you are looking for something more relaxing there are plenty of great opportunities for fishing. The waters around the Koufonisia Islands offer a range of great activities and can provide plenty of fun and enjoyment for visitors.

Sight Seeing

Walking and cycling around the Koufonisia Islands are popular activities and there are a number of sights to see of you spend time doing this. The only inhabited island is upper Koufonisi and the main town on this called Hora is worth having a walk around. The main economic activity of the islanders until recent times was fishing and Hora has the looks of a beautiful little fishing village. Wandering around the narrow streets you can take in the harbor as well as the church of St. George. At the northern end of the island there are also some impressive sea caves to see and explore. If you take the time to travel to lower Koufonisi you can take in the Church of the Virgin Mary and a small boat runs between the two islands on a daily basis.


One of the best experiences on the Koufonisia Islands is the dining available. The main options are on upper Koufonisi and there are a number of restaurants and taverns available which serve a range of local delicacies. Being an island the seafood is one of the best options available with plenty of fish, crab and lobster dishes available to try. However there are other options available and the Greek dish of Souvlaki is a common dish that many people enjoy. You can also try wild goat as well as different local cheeses. The local Greek wine can also be enjoyable to try with a meal and dining out in the evening is a popular thing to do on upper Koufonisi.

The Koufonisia Islands are not one of the developed locations of Greece and if you enjoy a more relaxed and laid back vacation they can be a great choice of destination. While small they offer a variety of things to do and some of these are shown above. If you are considering a vacation in Greece the Koufonisia Islands are a location to think about.

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