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Things to do in Baton Rouge Louisiana in the Summer

If you are planning a summer trip to Louisiana, then you and your guests will not want to miss visiting Baton Rouge. In Baton Rouge, you can enjoy quite a few vacation spots that are complete with Southern hospitality, Cajun and Creole cuisine and Jazz music. The Baton Rouge Zoo is the perfect place for family fun as this zoo has over 1800 animals. This zoo features a Safari playground for kids. The LSU Rural Life Museum is another fine place to explore. At this museum, you and your guests can learn about Louisiana Folk Architecture. Enjoy storytelling, live music, food and fun here. Dixie Landin’ Amusement Park has shopping, food and about twenty-six rides. If you want to cool off in the summer sun, then you should take a trip to the Blue Bayou Waterpark. This waterpark is open throughout the whole summer season. You will find the world’s largest Racer Slide here.

If you want to explore a Native American settlement, then you and your family should visit the Zachary Historic Village. There are many historic buildings to see and a nature trail for hiking and biking. If you like antiques, then you will certainly find them at The Enchanted Mansion. This mansion has many beautiful and rare antique dolls including Mark Twain. Guests can enjoy sipping tea and children are admitted at half price. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana there are countless things to see and do. You can cruise the bayou as family tours are available. Take a tour of the beautiful wilderness that Louisiana has to offer and you can see alligators, pelicans and more. Enjoy exploring the swamps and lakes where the Cajun culture has made its home for over 300 years. Enjoy spending a night in Cajun cottages.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a very unique place and those who visit often return again. Hotels, motels and inns offer driving directions and maps of the area you want to explore. You will find excellent accommodations and a very friendly environment and many of them accept online booking and reservations. The Louisiana Arts and Science Center is yet another fun place to visit. Taste some of the world’s finest Cajun and Creole cuisine at great restaurants. You will not find this kind of food anywhere else in the world. Spicy crawfish dishes are found locally. Louisiana has a way of putting a spell on visitors. You and your family will really enjoy exploring the culture, heritage and history here as it is no other place like it on earth. That is what sets Louisiana apart from the rest of the US. Come enjoy the nice Louisiana sunshine and there are beaches too. Boating, swimming and fishing are just a few popular sports you can enjoy.