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The best Vacation Destinations for Families in Florida

Florida is a wonderful place for a family to take a vacation. No matter what you and your family like, you can enjoy a variety of experiences in the beautiful Sunshine State.

Orlando, Florida is home to many different attractions that are suitable for the entire family. The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World attracts thousands and thousands of families every year. This theme park has a broad array of attractions in it. They offer parades with Mickey Mouse, the Disney princesses and the other famous, world-renowned Disney characters. The park is divided into different lands, which provide different experiences. You can explore the future and ride fun rides in “Tomorrowland.” You can go on fun boat rides and explore “Frontierland.” If you like to ride roller coasters, the “roller coaster in the dark” Space Mountain and the tamer Thunder Mountain can provide lots of fun. You can go on a water ride called Splash Mountain. There are also many wonderful places to eat with all different types of food.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios provides a look into movie making. They have fun rides such as the Great Movie Ride and Star Tours, which lets you ride on a simulated flight just like you were in Star Wars. There are many shows to enjoy such as the Indiana Jones stint show and many character shows that are good for the youngsters, which include characters such as Winnie the Pooh.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers a look into wildlife. The entire family will enjoy taking a ride and seeing actual animals. You can watch many fun musical shows such as Nemo, the Lion King and more. You can go on a pretend safari and enjoy exotic foods.

Universal Studios also provides a look into Movie Making. You can watch a Barney show or pretend that you are in an actual movie with simulated rides. You can see people dressed in character throughout the park.

EPCOT provides the entire family with both a fun and educational experience. You can learn about the countries of the world in their broad country displays. You can ride in “Spaceship Earth,” the giant globe, to learn about the history of the world and transportation. You can go on many fun rides, such as soarin’, which makes you feel as if you are actually flying, or the boat rides in Norway or Mexico. You can learn about the land and enjoy authentic food.

Florida is a wonderful place to take the family. The previous attractions are just a few of the places that provide entertainment and fun.