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The best Shoes for Air Travel

Air travel can be fun and exciting, but it is also often long and arduous. Not only are there hours spent sitting in cramped seats with less than adequate room around you, but you are also spending time going through airports. You will be dealing with potential miles of walking, when all is said and done, and you will need to remove your shoes at various security checkpoints. What you wear on your feet can make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of your time in the skies.

For me, there is nothing better than a pair of Crocs to travel in. I think that if you try them out on your next trip that requires air travel you’ll agree. There are many reasons that these are the best shoes for traveling on jetliners. The following are a few of the greatest reasons for you to wear a pair of these wonderful shoes on your trip.

Overall Comfort

Crocs are amazingly comfortable to walk in. They are lightweight, flexible, and have a nice cushion to the footpad that makes them ideal for traveling through the airports. There is also no pinching of the toes due to the wonderfully wide shape in the front of the shoe.

Ease of Taking Off

Crocs are a type of shoe that can be slipped on and off quite easily. This is very handy when you have to remove your shoes at the security checkpoints. It is also nice if you are someone that enjoys slipping off your shoes during the flight.


Crocs are a very unique shoe in appearance, but they have come out with various styles and almost any color that you can imagine. You can even give your Crocs extra personality, if you have a creative sense of fun, by placing little plastic inserts into the holes!

Air Flow

Because many styles of Crocs have holes in the fronts of the shoes, there is nice air flow. This is especially good if you are stuck on one of the many flights where the cabin seems to be a bit on the stifling side.

Crocs may not be the particular style of shoe that some people prefer, but that’s no problem. You can wear these as you travel and stick a pair of your more stylish shoes in your carry-on bag. It will take just a moment to change into them when you are getting ready to land. Your feet will be thanking you for choosing the Crocs for the travel and waiting on those heels, toe pinchers, or just slightly uncomfortable shoes until the last moment.