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Ten Things you should Pack for your Vacation

When the days are long and warm and schoolchildren are looking forward to the long summer break. It is time for thinking about summer holidays (vacations). Whether you are staying in your own country or going abroad, there are some essentials that you should pack that will ensure that your holiday is all the more enjoyable.

A waterproof box containing medical supplies, including any prescribed medication, of course, but also insect repellent, plasters, bandages, headache tablets, all-purpose cream for bites, stings or burns, after-sun lotion, and something for upset tummies. If you or anyone in your family has allergies remember to pack anything they require, just in case. If you have children make sure you have a range of remedies for their needs too. Also note, if you are driving in continental Europe, that some countries require motorists to carry a first aid kit that must include certain items, so check the laws of every country you are going to visit, laws are different according to country. Your country’s motoring organization may be able to help you with this.

It is surprising the number of people, who pack in a rush and think about all their top clothes and forget to take any underwear. Include anything special you might need for a particular outfit.

Hair brushes and combs are another necessity which often gets left behind in the flurry of final packing.

Sun protection is very important and a range of sun protection creams are available. Ensure, if you have children, that you get one with a high protection factor for their use. Do not forget also that sunhats are another form of sun protection. It is possible to obtain sunhats with a flap at the back to protect the back of children’s necks. You also need to protect eyes from strong sun and sun glasses are a good way of doing this. You might also want to take tee shirts, sarongs and other cover-ups to protect delicate skin from too much sun.

Do not forget identification documentation. Some countries require their nationals to carry identity cards at all times even within their own country, foreigners may have to carry their passports at all times. If you are going abroad, you will need a valid passport or other travel document. If the country you are going to requires you to have a visitor’s visa, as well as a passport, you should apply for this in plenty of time before your holiday.

Think about what you are going to actually do on your holiday, and pack any special clothes or shoes that you may require. For example for a beach holiday you will require a swim suit and you may also want to take a sarong or other cover up to slip on over your swim suit if you want to go shopping.

If you are going abroad do remember to check the dress codes of the country that you are going to. It may be normal to dress in a particular way in your own country, but it may offend local sensibilities, or even be against the law, in the country you are going to. For example, in many European countries it is normal for women to go topless on the beach but in some countries in the world this is illegal. Therefore, pack any items of clothing that may be necessary in these circumstances. You do not want to spend your holiday in prison.

If you are going abroad, you may require foreign currency be sure to order this in plenty of time before your departure date.

If you are flying, check out the restrictions which apply to airlines now, some airlines require that you only carry small amounts of liquids. You may therefore have to either purchase small amounts of your usual cosmetics or decant them into smaller bottles.

Lastly do not forget your brain. Tourists often leave their common sense at home when they leave on holiday. Do not flash large amounts of cash around, especially in poorer places. If you must carry valuables consider buying a money belt, you wear these under your clothes. Take note of where you are and do not wander into dangerous areas. Never photograph any military-looking building; in some countries it may even be illegal to photograph a police station or post office.

It is a good idea to make a list of your requirements before packing, and to cross each item off the list as you pack it in your luggage. If you are flying, pack some underwear and a non-crushable outfit into your hand luggage. That way, if luggage ends up in Timbuktu, rather than accompanying you to Malaga at least you have some clean clothes to wear. Remembering these thing will help you to have a super holiday.