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Tasmania Tourism Tourist Information

Australia’s island state Tasmania doesn’t attract as many visitors as it should which is a shame because it has much to offer in terms of culture, landscape and hospitality. For the adventurous tourist looking to see something different in Australia, Tasmania is colourful, surprising and exciting. While there are a number of excellent websites to help travelers planning a trip to Australia, few give Tasmania the attention it really deserves and it is better to look at specific resources that look at Tasmania in more detail to get the best ideas and advice.

The cream of the crop is the visually stunning Pure Tasmania;this eye catching website does look at first glance as if it’s aimed at the slightly older well-heeled visitor but on closer inspection, you can see it has something to offer travelers of all budgets and ages. The website is a dream to navigate and combines short but useful texts with superb photography and short video clips that give visitors a mouth watering taste of what lies in store. There is a comprehensive look at accommodation available in Tasmania and it’s possible to make reservations through the website too. Discover Tasmania is a similar website with plenty of excellent visuals to tempt you to make that trip.

The great outdoors is one of the main reasons to visit Tasmania and while all the main tourism websites give information on outdoor activities, the government’s website devoted to the island’s national parks is essential reading; this useful website lists a variety of walks to get the most out of Tasmania’s national parks, links to weather news websites, advice for how to behave inside the parks and a comprehensive list of events taking place. The highlight of this website is a fascinating article about that iconic creature the Tasmanian Devil.

If you’re planning on reaching Tasmania by boat from the mainland you’ll need to refer to the Spirit of Tasmania website for ferry information and timetables. It’s a good idea to sign up to their mailing list before your trip, to be able to get news of special offers in advance which could be beneficial in terms of saving you money.

It’s not such a well presented website but this guide to the island’s principal city Hobart is very comprehensive and certainly the best website for up to date listings, information on accommodation, practical advice on getting around and, if you’re planning on sticking around a bit longer, links to websites that can help you find employment. There are also smaller sections for some of Tasmania’s other urban settlements such as Launceston and Port Arthur. Another useful website for gleaning information before you travel, or for catching up after a successful trip is that of the island’s chief newspaper The Mercury. As well as all the latest news, there are some really good travel articles which just may provide a little more persuading though it’s unlikely you’ll need that!