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Tangier, Morocco attractions

Often referred to as the gateway to Morocco, Tangier is a city where you can spend countless hours visiting all the attractions and still not get to see them all in one visit. It has been a very popular tourist destination for centuries. The city overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and if you are on the southern coast of Spain, you can actually see the city. Tangier played an important role in the lives of travelers as far back as 500 B.C. According to legend, it owes its beginnings to a giant named Antheus, who named the city Tingi.

If you want to see the perfect sunrise, visit Cape Malabata. Although this cape is 6 miles from the city, it does have an observation tower from which you can see the sights. The best time of day to visit is during pre-dawn so that you can have a sunrise experience to remember. You can also visit a lighthouse here as well as a castle dating back to medieval times.

Tangier is the perfect destination to choose when you make Morocco your vacation destination. It is a city where the souqs (markets), numerous attractions and Moroccan cuisine, will surely make for a holiday to remember. Beaches are a huge attraction, although on many of them the beach bars are only open during the summer months. You can avail yourslelf of the deck chairs unless you are comfortable with spreading your blanket on the beach. There are small food outlets available on the beaches as well and there are many that have nightly entertainment in the form of cabarets.

Grand Soco Market Square is a must for any visitor to Tangier. This is a one-stop shopping venue with vendors selling just about everything you can imagine. It is a great place to immerse yourself in the culture of the city. Cafes line the streets where you can have a light snack and a cool drink. If you are looking for a quiet place where you can sit in the shade of trees that are centuries old, you just have to spend some time in the Mendoubia Gardens. There is a botanic garden at this site as well as 30 bronze canons on display.

The sight of more than 100,000 miniature soldiers at the Forbes Museum of Military Miniatures is a sight to see. The figures are displayed so that they re-enact some of the major battles fought throughout history. Here you will also see 600 statuettes in honour of the Three Kings.

The Kabash is located on the highest point of land in Tangier and is surrounded by walls. The gate opens into a large courtyard from which you can enter the Kabash Museum, also called the Palace Museum. The museum houses a collection of Moroccan art and some archaeological artefacts. This is a section of the city in itself where you can wander the streets and see the magnificent houses, many of which are owned by wealthy foreigners.

While there is not a lot of nightlife in Tangier, there are bars and discos. The cafes also stay open until quite late at night. The cuisine of Morocco will certainly tickle your taste buds with the wide array of spices in the foods. You probably won’t like all of the cuisine but there are some traditional dishes that you just have to try. These include bisteeya, which consist of three layers chicken, eggs and a lemon-onion sauce. The layers are wrapped in phyllo pastry and then dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Roast lamb is also a dish you will find on the menus of most restaurants.

Since there is a medina and a Ville Nouvelle in Tangier, it is really easy to find your way around. Grand taxis can carry up to six passengers, while the petit taxis can only carry three. There are also buses and trains that run from the airport to the center of the city. Accommodations are numerous and are quite comfortable with many hotels and pensions. There are two campsites if you would like to set up your tent and camp out in a safe and convenient location quite close to both the city and the beach.