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Sun Valley Idaho Scenery

Sun Valley has the well deserved title of being the Alps of the Rockies, nowhere else on earth will you find the magnificent view, Olympic class skiing, or heart stopping mountain bike riding found here.

Sun Valley is located in central Idaho about 160 miles from Boise. Flying into Boise gives you the option of taking the shuttle bus or a courtesy van – an option leaving you free to drink in the scenery; or renting a car and risking an accident due to craning your neck around taking in the beauty of this one of a kind area.

The Sawtooth Mountains are to the north and surrounding peaks like the 9,200-foot high peak of Baldy will sit prominently within view. Although there are no flights directly into Sun Valley, you may fly into nearby Hailey about 12 miles to the south and find a courtesy van or car rental to take you into Sun Valley itself. No matter how you get here, the views will give you whiplash.

Horseback trips into the backcountry of the Sawtooth and Challis national forests are available to all, as well as nearly 28 miles of open local hiking and biking trails. For the adventurous mountain biker there is a downhill run with switchbacks that will send you down nearly 3,000 feet, and none too gently. So strap on your helmet, grab a water bottle, first-aid kit and heart medication, and be prepared to get blown away. The Hiking trails are very accessible and not nearly as rugged as the biking trails, few people have any problem going out and enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of this wonderful area.

Other activities available are a whitewater kayaking or rafting trip you’ll be talking about for years to come. World-class fly-fishing in ice-cold snow fed streams. Try a paragliding or hot air balloon trip that will forever burn the uniqueness and impossible beauty found only here into your retina. Enjoy a full service golf course with enough distracting views to guarantee a miserable score. There is something here for everyone.

Accommodations are as sumptuous as the view. Baldy has three distinctive and award-winning day-lodge facilities: the Warm Springs Lodge, Seattle Ridge Lodge and River Run Lodge. All three come with award winning cuisine, a pool, recreational facilities, and private apartments at the minimum. There are other lodges in Sun Valley as well as nearby Ketchum. Condominiums as well as houses are also available for rent as well as hotels. For middle of the road in price, amenities and services, renting a condominium or a house can’t be beat.

No matter where you stay, excellent food and a vigorous nightlife are all readily accessible. There are World-Class French, Italian, and Mexican restaurants, along with several bar and grills, wine bars and sushi places.

Don’t underestimate the antique shops, galleries and bookstores as well as sporting outfitters here either. Take a piece of Americana home with you along with the memories of a vacation you’ll never forget.