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Summer Vacation Ideas for Couples

In the weeks and months prior to summer’s arrival, many couples will begin to anticipate and plan that long-awaited vacation they will share. Depending upon what you are looking for in your summer vacation, there is sure to be a wonderful trip just waiting for the two of you to take. The type of couple that you are is going to be a primary determining factor in just what that trip is going to be. Below are some suggestions for various couples to consider as they are planning their summer vacation.

*Woodsy Types

For those couples who enjoy tromping around out in the woods, why not plan a vacation to explore the beauty of Montana this summer? This is where some of the more untouched parts of nature can be found. There are cabins that can be rented where the two of you can feel the peacefulness of solitude together as you reconnect with the nature around you.


Adventure seeking couples will like trips that offer them one of a kind experiences, such as an Alaskan adventure. You will get to see astonishing portions of the earth, like the Northern lights, that other people rarely will have the chance to. You will also have a great possibility of viewing wildlife in its natural setting.

*World Travelers

The world traveling couple might want to consider a cruise through the Aegian Sea and the Greek Isles. The high cliffs, the volcanoes, the astounding architecture and ruins are sites that you will never forget.


For the romantic couple, there is no experience that will compare to a trip to Bora Bora. There are beautiful bungalows that are built right on the ocean water, with glass floors so that you can watch the sealife float by. With patios, complete with hot tubs and showers, coming in from a swim is better than ever.

*Ocean Lovers

Ocean lovers that prefer a bit more activity around them are sure to cherish the memories they can take home from the New England state of Maine, along the Atlantic coastline. There are many small towns to choose from and rentals of cabins, condos, and bed and breakfasts abound.

*Mountain Couples

The mountain loving couple can head to the western part of the United States to Mount Hood in Oregon. A stay at the Timberline Lodge provides the cold of the mountain outside and the warmth of the fantastic lodge setting. What couple wouldn’t enjoy cooling off in the heat of summer, and equally love coming in to a roaring fire and some hot cocoa together?

The opportunity to take a summer vacation together, as a couple, is wonderful! You are going to have a chance to get away from the daily stresses of life and do nothing but focus on one another and the world around you. To make the most of your holiday, select a destination that is best-suited to the type of experience that you will both enjoy.