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Spontaneous Traveling

Four teenagers, Jessica, Tori, Jamie, and Trevor embark on a spontaneous journey, their mission? Visit their old friend sixty two miles away. The catch? They have twenty dollars to their names. Buying cigarettes and gas before leaving town this was to be a trip no one would soon forget. All was running smoothly heading to the highway when the problem faced the friend’s, which way did they have to go?

One of the friend’s –Jamie- spoke up from the backseat letting everyone know that she knew how to get there, but only by taking a detour through another town which meant travelling an extra twenty miles out of the way. The four friend’s soon found themselves at a heart pounding moment when the driver –Jessica- provoked by the passenger –Trevor- sent the car spinning around in the ditch at eighty miles an hour, miraculously the car didn’t roll but left Tori a little rattled. Somehow the car was fine, as Trevor was checking underneath the hood to make sure everything was in working order another car pulled up next to them to make sure everything was okay, the friend’s thought of a lie, saying an animal ran across the road, the other drivers looked puzzled and finally stammered “with a lake on both sides of the river?” To this day the friend’s still discuss what ‘animal’ ran across the road; it ranges from Jeepers Creepers to a Skeeter Eater.

Finally the friend’s arrived at their destination where they reached the verdict that there was something in the air and the water the raised their excitement level of the friend’s. They –the friend’s- spent an hour in the desolate town, nothing seemed to happen. Despite the slow moving pace they were still having a good time. The friend’s decided they would take the trip a little further 133 miles away this time with a change in drivers, Jamie would drive to the next town where Trevor would take over.

All was going well, driving around town having a good time, until the gas light came on, less than a third of a tank of gas left and they still had ninety miles to go before they were back home safe. But where were they supposed to pull the money? Filling the tank up with all the change they could find, ultimately the only other option was to run an amateur taxi service. If it weren’t for the kindness of one stranger the friend’s would never have made it back home. The man had put thirteen dollars in the tank, that had enough gas to make it back to town safely, where the friend’s had one final act of fun, a Chinese fire drill on the busies street in town.