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Spending the Holiday Season on Kauai

Each year many people visit Kauai to experience the beauty and spectacular views of Hawaii’s oldest island. You can find breath-taking waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and stunning cliff mountains. But this is just the beginning; Kauai offers its visitors the opportunity to experience its rich culture and heritage in amazing festivals and events that take place year round.

In the holiday season you can enjoy even more events and festivals. In this events and festivals you can experience their music, dancing and the great local food. If you want to know more about Kauai’s history you can’t miss the Waimea Historic Walking Tour that you can attend every Monday at 9:30 am. Walk back through time where Captain Cook first landed in Waimea, in 1778. Know more about the Kauai’s last king and many other facts of interest. You can also learn how to make a lei with fresh flowers in the Aloha Friday event. This Craft Event in Waimea, Kauai starts every Friday at 9:30 am and is totally free.

In November the film lover can experience the independent filmmaker’s latest films. The Veterans Day is also celebrated in the own Kauai island’s stile with parades through out all of the islands. The Lights of Rice parade is other event that you can’t miss. This event that takes place in December 5 receives representations from all over the island and is simply amazing. Many thousand people lined all over the Rice Street, a very impressive event that you will remember for a long time. On December 14 enjoy the Holiday Hula Christmas Celebration where you can enjoy Christmas melodies, finger foods, and a very interesting silent auction.

In the month of January athletes and visitors from all over the world arrive to Kauai to compete and watch the Annual Kauai Loves You Triathlon that takes place in the city of Hanalei. This event is open to professional and amateurs and is nationally and locally broadcasted. For the rodeo lover The All Girls Rodeo will be an excellent choice to attend in January. Every place you turn around in Kauai there is a special event of festival to attend. The Kauai’s people are extremely kind and receive visitors with a smile; definitely Kauai is a great destination to visit this holiday season.