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Spending Christmas at Disney World, Florida

For some, it may be hard to believe. But yes, a Christmas vacation with an oversized mouse, a goofy dog and a grumpy duck can actually be – well, fun. For adults and children alike, the holidays at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida promises to be time of inspiration and exploration.

It nearly seems as though the holiday season and Disney World were made for each other. It’s a dynamic formula. When you combine the most magical place on Earth with the most magical time of the year you get more magic than your kids, and perhaps even you, can process.

For those who are regulars to Disney World, don’t worry. The trip will not be just a cooler version of the annual summertime fling. Each one of the resort’s four theme parks offers something unique.

Magic Kingdom
In addition to the Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, a revamped version of the classic parade nationally televised on Christmas morning to families across the country, the Magic Kingdom offers a number of additional events during the holidays. These include: Cinderella’s Holiday Wish Stage Show, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Mickey’s party is an after-hours event, which means crowds are usually way down and getting on rides is much easier. This is important, because the lines during the holidays are every bit as the lines during the summer months.

While the Magic Kingdom does the holidays well, Epcot is where things are truly taken to the next level. The walkway between the Future World and the World Showcase is bedecked with thousands of lights, all dancing in unison to inspirational holiday music while the large centerpiece fountain also joins in.

But nothing is more impressive, eye catching or unique than the Candlelight Processional. A massive choir, with each member holding their own candle, sings along with a 50-piece live orchestra as a celebrity narrator tells stories of Christmas in a way that is uniquely Disney. If you are visiting Disney World during the holidays, this cannot be missed.

Each country is featured in the Holidays around the World theming. Each country has its own story to tell.

Disney Hollywood Studios
For those interested in seeing the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, they are on display every day from the day after Thanksgiving until the weekend after New Year’s Day.

You may remember the Osborne family from Arkansas. Their neighbors threatened to run themselves out of the area if they didn’t move their lights. It’s not every family that can have a new ordinance created inspired by their Christmas display. Fortunately for the Osborne’s, Disney, no stranger to over-the-top and gaudy displays, was a perfect outlet for their creative talents.

But the magic of the holidays does not end at the gates to those three theme parks. Animal Kingdom has special theming and a holiday parade and many of the resort hotels also have special programming and theming during the holiday season.

At night, there are special holiday versions of Epcot’s Illuminations and the Magic Kingdom’s Wishes fireworks displays. And Cinderella’s Castle becomes a monument of glimmering “ice.”

For some events, real snow is trucked in. This may not mean much if you are visiting from the north. But for the Florida locals, it is definitely a novelty. Oh, and this is one situation where you won’t have any trouble determining who is a local and who is not.

For those planning a trip, December is a prime time to go to Disney World, especially if you are going to be walking the theme parks. Although there can be some cold days, the weather is generally very comfortable in the upper 60s to mid 70s. However, be prepared for the crowds. You are not the only ones who think a Disney holiday trip would be magical.

A Disney holiday vacation is something every Disney lover should experience at least once in their lives. Nobody does the holidays like Disney. And for a company that does magic so well, coming up with even more magic at any time of the year is truly – well, magical.