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Space Tourism Flights into Space

When you have always dreamt of flying into space and thought it was nothing more than a fantasy, think again. Space travel is now a possibility with space tourism a reality. Space Adventures Ltd can arrange space travel through their marketing contract with Armadillo Aerospace, allowing private citizens the opportunity to make suborbital flights from a spaceport in America. Their aim is to allow private citizens the chance to be one of the first to experience both suborbital and orbital travel.

You can book a visit into space through Space Adventures Ltd at a cost of $102,000. Whilst this won’t fly you to the moon it will fly you into space, 100 kilometres above the earth. The adventure will last several days including pre flight training, and you can experience five minutes of weightlessness in space. Private expeditions to orbit the moon are planned at an estimated cost of $100 million, and you can reserve a place now to mark your place in history. Already orbital spaceflights have become a reality.

Armadillo Aerospace has a vast experience working with both NASA and the United States Air force. It is a leading developer of reusable rocket powered vehicles, and passengers on suborbital flights can experience their vertical takeoff and vertical landing program. Orbital spaceflights have so far been experienced by seven private citizens using Armadillo Aerospace flights organized through Space Adventures Ltd.

These flights give 12 days in space as well as thorough pre flight training, where you get the opportunity to be measured for your own space suit. Flights have been taken aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and fly to the International Space station. At speeds of over 17,000 miles an hour the spacecraft orbits space at 200 miles above the earth, giving spectacular views, and amazingly offer the chance to float inside the spacecraft, surely something that most people have harboured a desire to do at some time.

If the price tag is still a little beyond your reach then Space Adventures Ltd can arrange for you to experience the weightlessness of space through the Zero G experience. Flying on a modified Boeing 727 the special flight incorporates a parabola technique at an altitude of 34,000 feet which offers ‘Lunar gravity’. Just as if you were in space you can float inside the aircraft in your own special space suit from $4,950 and feel like an Astronaut.

Beware that the Zero G experience is likely to fuel your wish even more to fly into space, but it no longer needs to be just a dream. Space Tourism Ltd can make your dream a reality and it is possible that within the next decade it becomes an adventure which many will be able to enjoy.