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Sothwest Airline Review Southwest Airline Safety

Their logo is a red heart with wings almost to assert their love for flying. Their fleet consists of eye appealing canyon blue, red and orange 737’s. Their safety records are impeccable and their prices are pleasantly approachable. When it comes to flying, Southwest is the way to go.

My first encounter with this airline took place once I moved into red sanded Arizona and it definitely was “love at first flight”.

Their website is very user friendly and it is the best way to get the best deals, especially if you are lucky enough to book a few days in advance. I usually like to shop around for the best prices when planning to travel, and this past October I literally went though all of them: Priceline, Expedia, Kayak, Cheap Tickets, and Travelocity. Yet, Southwest’s”Gotta Getaway” deal beat them all. With a mere $89 from Tucson to Kansas City, I knew could not go wrong.

Concerned a bit because of the famous saying “You get what you paid for ” I called customer service and asked if there was a catch. They told me all there was to add were the taxes. After calculating the taxes and other fees the flight still cost me less than a taxi drive from my home to the airport, just 76 miles away.

Excited, I pressed the “book now” button and paid with my credit card. I opted to receive the ticket-less confirmation via fax. Ten minutes later, there was my confirmation, ready for departure day. I therefore, checked in 24 hours prior to departure day on-line once again and then on departure day, off I went to the airport.

Upon reaching the check in counter, I was impressed with how this company deals with seating. Upon asking for a seat, I was told that it was open, meaning I could sit anywhere I wanted. Pre -boarding was a breeze. The boarding passes had a code that started with an A or a B followed by a number. At the pre-boarding area there were designated posts with numbers so that everybody could align neatly upon being called.

Boarding was easy, while I imagined people pushing or trying to get the best seats, most people sat down as they walked past the aisles in an orderly manner. The airline crew seemed very courteous and the captain was very down to earth, greeting passengers along with the flight attendants upon entering the aircraft.

The seats were comfortable and people seating near the emergency exits were warned of their duty to aid in exiting should the emergency doors need to be used. I must say also that I was impressed of how the crew was concerned about passenger safety. When slight turbulence was encountered the seat belt signs were promptly activated. Crew were asked to be seated as well. Perhaps this is their secret for their immaculate safety records.

With over 3500 flights daily, Southwest is one of the busiest airliners. Many sustain that their safety records may be correlated to the fact that they use strictly only 737’s. Since their operation in 1971, they have never had any fatalities on board.

When it comes to flying I no longer waste my time surfing for hot deals, I know where to go and with who to fly. I trust Southwest and all the flights with them were hassle free and delightfully inexpensive. I feel loyal to this company and I would recommend it to anybody that loves to save money and travel without worries. I guess Southwest’s philosophy depicts very well the company’s motto: “Just Plane smart!