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Solo – Solo

When we travel we want it to be something different than our normal
every day life style. Sometimes this is not really a group thing so we
may have to look for a different type of vacation plans. When most
people are around a lot of people at work sometimes they want something
a little different when they go on vacation. If you don’t want to do the
group thing it may cost you a little more to have a personal guide for
your vacation. This way you can go to all the places your friends have
told you about.

When you have a solo guide you can ask them where you can go to
have a friendly drink in a neighbor bar with the people who live in that
area. If you want to go to a certain place and see a certain thing you
may want to be there longer that a tour group guide will give you, a
solo guide will be better for you. When I was younger I liked to go on
the group tours because we took the tours with people we knew. After
people get older and their children have grown they like to do things
by their self.

Some of the places we went on vacation we rented bicycles with a
tour guide because we got lost once and almost missed our bus back
to the hotel. When you have to set a certain time for everywhere you
go while on a vacation this will make you tired by the end of the day.
You just have to remember to take some type of map of the area that
you are going to see. Renting a car with a GPS system will make you
want to always go solo on all your vacations just so you can relax more.

If you really want to be alone by your self a solo trip is the way to go.
I once started a trip from Kentucky to New York just to see New York
by myself. I was half way there and was driving by some of the places I
wanted to see so I decided to spend the night. I would not have able to
stop if I was with a group touring the same places. It is posible to go
with a group if everyone is driving their own cars in case you are going
some place to stay for a longer time. I have done this four times and
the trip was great.

We have been told that group vacations get better discounts at hotels.
There are discounts at every rest area on all interstate highways and
some even offer food discounts. I have been on group trips before and
as soon as we left the hotel room everything in the hotel was twice as
much in order to make up the cost of the cheaper room rate.